Moving is very stressful. amirite?

My parents moved 33 times in the forty-two years they were married.

Years ago two people had "fun" and now you have to work a 9 to 5. amirite?

Seven days a week.

Why are monsters like Nancy Grace allowed on television? She and others are proof that no one who controls tv gives a f***. Crazy, amirite?

I agree, she is a turnoff.

As soon as Halloween is over. Christmas stuff will be EVERYWHERE!! amirite?

Christmas merchandise was in my grocery store as of two weeks ago.

if you like animal preservation but still visit the zoo your part of the problem, amirite?
@unknowncondition ask the great pandas...zoo's do things for lazy people trying to stroke their ego's thinking they make it better...

Please tell me that you don't think a zoo was involved in the Willy saga.

Anyway, yes, I do think that zoo's are a great place for animals. Why? Because not only are they usually regulated to the point of providing a clean and safe habitat for the animal, and not only do I applaud them for educating the public, but also because they are constantly coming up with ways to reinforce the numbers of endangered species.

Are they perfect? No. Do I wish there were more tigers in the wilds than in zoos? Yes!

if you like animal preservation but still visit the zoo your part of the problem, amirite?

Nope, Zoo's have done a tremendous amount of good for animals.

It's annoying when someone dismisses your rebuttal with "you're just battling semantics" especially when the whole debate is based on the meaning of something in the first place. Amirite?

Why don't you try being a little bit more specific.

Possums are actually very cute. amirite?

They are very cute, the babies look like little ferrets.

Danny Elfman is a great composer. amirite?

Not him, but here you go:

YouTube video thumbnail


Some of the most asinine threads that I have ever read.


They're running out the clock, Will, in the hopes that a buyer comes along.

This is how the media is Incredibly biased against Bernie Sanders
The only rational choice in 2020, amirite?

But he is running behind Warren and his health will now become an issue.


Didn't you read my thank- you above?

Vamprella and I want to thank you all for your contributions to my Halloween thread.

But, I REALLY WANT TO THANK AMIRITE for allowing a loyal member, like myself, to post such a fun thread.

In fact, I think all former SH members who gave life to this site four years ago will want to thank Amirite for being such a open minded establishment that rewards such loyalty.

Sometimes we forget the things we wish we could remember and remember the most painful comments we desperately want to forget

You wanna bet? My Halloween thread was taken down.