About me.

"human beings are inherently flawed and only God is perfect. to discover the truth about nature, it is necessary to eliminate human opinion and error, and allow the universe to speak for itself."
I'm old. and older I will grow with you.
I'm 22
I married my best friend in August of 2009. I'm happier than I could ever express. I have the most beautiful son in the world, I'm not just biased. He's the happiest baby I've ever seen in my entire life. No, I'm not going to put a picture of him up, Pedo Bear uses Amirite.

I hate when people confuse their, there and they're. You will never catch me misusing these three words. I challenge you.

I love Arizona. Seriously. Probably the best state ever; California's a very close second.
I'm not afraid to tell the truth, no matter the consequences, but I won't tell you everything.
I am a stay-at-home mom and I love it.
Recent and not so recent video game loves:
Dragon Age
Mass Effect 2 (I know I need to play 1 still)

I love to dance. All the time. Everywhere. Anywhere.

I like all fruit. Except durian fruit. It smells like egg fart.
It really upsets me in an utmost way that they made bottlecaps even smaller.
Give me a box of bottlecaps and I'll be your BFF.
I have a horrible horrible undeniable sweet tooth.
My death will be by candy and I've come to accept that.

I am highly against abortion but I've recently concluded: You live your life, I'll live mine. I don't care what you do because IAH it's probably better for the rest of the world that there's not more idiots like you running around.

I'm probably not smarter than you but I'm not stupid. If you get me going enough on a subject and can't back it up, I will make you feel dumb.

Fav. Quote of the Moment, "By the tits of my ancestors!" - 10 pts to whoever can tell me where that's from without looking it up.

I'm a BFM go cry elsewhere.
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YouTube video thumbnail :3 My husband and myself.