About me.

I'm a 22-year-old computer programmer from Michigan (USA), although places I might like to live include:
-Silicon Valley
-New Zealand
-Somewhere in the Alps

I happen to like almost anything involving:
-traveling to foreign countries (have lived in the Netherlands and Germany)
-healthy, plant-based foods (I am vegetarian, almost vegan nowadays)
-computers (programming, hacking, designing, the Web)
-Frisbees (ultimate, disc golf)
-foreign languages (Dutch, Spanish, German)
-hitting a ball with a club or bat (golf, variants of baseball, and whatever)
-plain old running (I run a mile in under 5 minutes, but I've mostly run longer distances lately)

My life philosophies also include
-don't judge or characterize groups of people or countries
-love wins
-there's usually something better to do than watch TV; if you're looking forward to a certain thing on, watch it, but don't just turn it on and look for something to watch, you have a life to live

That's what it boils down to on a public profile.