When you have a dream that includes a person who is wittier than you, speaks more intelligently than you, has more interesting points of view than you -- that's all really you -- you are the author -- it's your dream. amirite?

Well you do have a key, often underestimated advantage over that more intelligent, wittier person: you exist.

Edamame is one of the most saddest and unnecessary appetizers ever. amirite?

after going veg for 3 years, my mouth automatically waters when I pop veg protein. later on I google the amount of protein and realize why it did without my knowing. plus I looooooove salt so I salt them and damn thats good.

People who pay with cash should get their own line, so they can all suffer together, amirite?
@Iapetus-11 Seems to me you hate unprepared people. When I pay with cash I have that stuff ready to go, I also have my card...

For me definitely under-prepared people are a source of frustration. Like at least have your wallet out. Don't wait for the total and get it out then fiddle around looking for your wallet and then the right cash or card and then oh what account is it, oh dang what's my pin I'm not really sure...

Many men learned how to shave their face from their dad, most men had to figure out how to shave their balls by themselves, amirite?
Football would be a great deal more enjoyable to watch without the constant prattle of sports announcers, amirite?
Competitive / Professional gaming is not "growing" the industry, it is hurting it. amirite?

I don't think this is an unpopular opinion. I just think you're correct.

eSports has always been a business that has pretended to have more money and hype than it actually has.

Houses and apartments should not have windows, amirite?

How old and educated are you?

People who obsess over getting "the authentic experience" when traveling are more annoying than people who shamelessly embrace being tourists. amirite?

What does that even mean 😂 authentic traveling?? I just travel to have a good time. Nobody should tell you how you should travel lol unless it's rational advice so you don't get in dangerous situations.

Just because "it's my job" to clean your room doesn't mean you can treat it like a pig sty, amirite?
@Thenaturelover Except that should be taking off all the bedding to be washed so it doesn't really help

Many hotels don't change sheets if you are only staying for a few days. I don't wash my sheets everyday at home, so why would I have the hotel do it. I guess you haven't been to an environmental conscious hotel.

people shouldn't order too much food at restaurants if they aren't able to finish them. amirite?

This isn't unpopular, it's crap.

You order and pay for what you want. If you can't eat it, or change your mind, it's done.

It's really none of your business champ.

Face ID made the iphones worse, amirite?

Total opposite for me. Face ID always works and Thumb ID failed often.

I guess my thumbs suck. Maybe your face sucks.

Basketball players that wear mouth guards are soft, amirite?
Battlefield 2042 is the BEST Battlefield game, amirite?
@freq432 Here's another unpopular opinion: There hasn't been a good Battlefield game since BF2 and BF2142.

They had a winning formula with those two. Voting for a commander and using the tiered comms to coordinate the whole team was really cool when it worked.

There was this lone wolf sniper on Wake Island one time, and whenever I had spare resources, I'd put him to work taking out stray swimmers and backfield rogues. Scan, mark, issue command, drop a buggy, then resupply and repeat. He single-handedly kept my artillery up and won us the game.

You don't get that feeling anymore.

Basketball players that wear mouth guards are soft, amirite?
@monsterallergies I wonder what those "variance of sports that are more physical" are. Counter-Strike?

Football, wrestling, hell, even soccer and baseball are more physical than basketball.

No video games here little guy

People who get mad when you ask about their tattoos are pretentious assholes, amirite?

It's annoying getting asked all the time. And some of my tattoos are pretty deep and personal and I don't care to share those parts of me with a stranger. I've learned to just cover them up.