Something being made from fabric instead of plastic doesn't make it green, amirite?

Plastic bag- $0.05

Reusable bag- $1

20x, you have to use it 20x, not hard math, and not a hard ask. Keep some in your trunk.

Rogue One is the best Star Wars movie, amirite?

I only saw the first half of Rogue One, but I agree. I love the characters and can't wait to see more movies with them.

Every other celebrity is refused the HollyWood pass until it's Michael Jackson, amirite?
@Pmbuttpics4adrawing I want to believe the (shady) industry faked this to take him down like they did with Dave Chappelle and others. I...

What about Dave Chapelle ? Because I hear a lot about how evil the industry has been to him but the dude is thriving right now so I'm curious.

Doctors and Soldiers should not be given more importance than others, amirite?

Perhaps there aren't jobs that should be revered over all others. The opposite type of jobs that should be unequivocally condemned do however exist. Case in point: Telemarketers.

I prefer rubbing at t-shirt on my teeth as opposed to brushing them, amirite?

Pretty sure this is how people cleaned their teeth in medieval times. So as long as you say, "Prithee", "S'blood", "Gramercy", and "Sweeting" while you're doing it, I say go for it.

You're attractive whether you wear makeup, get plastic surgery, or natural, amirite?

Nah man some people are really ugly.

Humans are the only species that knows how the earth looks like, amirite?
@LookAnAltAccount If the earth was accelerating upwards, wouldn't a bowling ball and a feather hit the ground at the same time as the...

There is also the issue that at that acceleration, it would take about a year to reach lightspeed, and then you could accelerate no further and it would just be zero G.

Meatball is the most lazy named food. amirite?

We have a semi-national dish called dumpling-pork-cabbage. Guess what are the ingredients.

If a company requires a degree for a job that doesn't need one it should be okay to lie about having a degree. amirite?

My uncle dropped out of university while studying chemistry and interviewed for a computer job. He lied about being able to code and got the job. He taught himself on the job and became a website technician or something like that. Made £900 a week. He consistently tells me to lie on applications.

Respect is earned. It can not be demanded, amirite?

I was once disrespected by a dude but this was before that he learned that his accomplishments were nowhere near mine. Kinda funny how some people will judge you before they know you.

Twice the pride, double the fall.

I usually get the last laughter.

Hidden Valley Ranch dressing is not the best. Not even close. amirite?
There should only be one sports competition for all people, amirite?

The problem is the body compositions of men and women are very different, giving the woman a disadvantage in power sports, but an advantage in long-distance events.

People who claim that their favorite book is The Bible are being disingenuous. amirite?

I dnk man, have you ever read it? Some of that drama is real. I have definitely clutched my pearls more than once.

harm reduction tactics work better for recovering addicts than penal systems, amirite?

Is this unpopular? I work in the field and this is commonly accepted as fact.

People who get mad when you ask about their tattoos are pretentious assholes, amirite?

It's annoying getting asked all the time. And some of my tattoos are pretty deep and personal and I don't care to share those parts of me with a stranger. I've learned to just cover them up.