Nice truck, sorry about your dick.

10 points whoever can remember who originally posted that.

Man I knew this was a repost immediately, I've been on here for far too long.

We should remove the negative conformity of society and embrace one another as how we emerged from the womb, in order to truly remove our judgmental views. In other words, we should totally get nekkid to see bewbs, amirite?
That chick who sings the song "Hello" kinda sounds like a bitch, I mean who has sex with somebody and then immediately afterward puts them in the friend zone, amirite?

Just to clarify, I'm talking about the line, "I just came to say hello."

You're a good fuck, amirite?

I wouldn't know foreveralone smilie

God is real because a pencil fits perfectly into the space between your ear and your head, amirite?

Yeah that's what I was making fun of :D

You didn't know that another name for a private investigator or detective is "dick", amirite?

That must've put Sherlock Holmes and Watson in some uncomfortable situations.

Watson: "Holmes, you've done it again. You're a real dick."
Sherlock: "What?!"
Watson: "OH no, no it's a compliment, I meant tha..."
Sherlock: "Get out of my office."

It must've been tough being a magician in the 15th century. "Is this your card?" "Burn him! Burn the witch!!", amirite?

"As you can see, I've just created the illusion of cutting my assistant in half."

"AHH! Burn them both! The witch and the unholy half-man!"

Any user here that has made 500 posts or more is a total loser and needs to get a life, amirite?
Well, it's good that we get time on Amirite Chat for our achievements, but it would be nice if we could get out of it, amirite?
@Sun How what?

Oh I was just wondering how you managed to make a post during those dark, confusing times. Ant explained y smilie

Well, it's good that we get time on Amirite Chat for our achievements, but it would be nice if we could get out of it, amirite?
Women's masturbation should be called 'Jilling Off', amirite?

I'm making this comment for the sole purpose for getting a love from Crobat.

It's hard to understand why eating a banana would be considered even remotely sexual. Sure, it can represent a phallic object, but if a girl devouring your penis turns you on then you have some serious problems, amirite?
Johnny from "Ed,Edd, n Eddy" is such a hipster. He was planking before it was cool. amirite?

What an awesome strategy to become famous by loving everybody.

'Chai' is not a flavour of tea, it just simply means tea in Hindi. So calling it 'chai tea' is totally redundant, amirite?

Chai also means tea in Russian.

the first thing young boys do when they have a barbie doll in their hands is to get her naked. amirite?

I still do that.