Happy Birthday Brother!!! I hope this year is amazing for you, and that it just keeps getting better! :)

Happy belated Zonkey!

Ah Hell Ada! Didn't know! Happy Belated!!!

As an American White Male, in a Managerial position, who drives a large pick up truck, prefers women, eats beef, owns firearms, speaks out against Radical Islam, believes in English as the National language, believes all able bodied people should work, believes "All Lives Matter", thinks there really is a difference between good and Evil, voted for Trump, stand by that decision, don't think dreadlocks look good on anybody, denies all Religions, thinks some illegal drugs shouldn't be, thinks the American Public school system needs to be flushed down a giant toilet. Thinks all Mexican gang Members should be a hindrance in Mexcico and not in America... this could actually take up a few pages.. I'll save you all and leave it as this simple fully extended middle finger to Political Correctness. :)

Happy Birthday!!

@Masha Long live the downvote feature!

I'm fine with it existing if it isn't abused. Though it will be. :)

Canada is in trouble with China now just because of the US. Thanks a helluva lot. FY.
Christianity's purpose is to not control other people but to better your own life

I just love the whole "Heaven and Hell" threat. You could on your own be a truly "good" person your whole life.. yet if you don't Believe in God, off to hell you go! What a truly sick religion. And if that is the case.. I definitely wouldn't Worship, much less speak kindly of any God who was so emotionally insecure.

My cat ran away last night. Other people don't realize how hard that is. I hope she's ok.

For the sake of History on this Site. There were those who would intentionally go through and downvote anything a specific user ever said whether they agreed with it or not. It can be used as a weapon for disgruntled users. Tis the reason a friend of mine left this site.i should mention that was 4 years ago and it was actually a moderator who was admittedly doing it. Hundreds and hundreds of posts.

@DW2 I'm fine with it existing if it isn't abused. Though it will be. :)

Tis just a philosophy of mine that if I can not intelligently debate a post I disagree with.. then they win. I think a downvote is a cop out. I either choose to debate or to move on to other discussions. I shall never hit that button. It would make me think less of myself.

Ok what is the best "Revenge" movie of all time?

"Death Wish".

❤ Post something in memory of Chester ❤

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I was a fan as well. RIP Chester

One wish. Only one. Can't wish for more wishes. What Is it?

I wish for the power to heal anything in any person.