The world is not going to end in 2012. Why? Because on 11/11 2011 at 11:11, millions of people are going to wish that the world is not going to end in 2012. amirite?
When you were in elementary school, looking up the word "sex" in the dictionary was like watching porn. amirite?

I remember the first time I looked up porn... I did it on my moms computer. Then immediately after I felt insanely bad so I made up an incredible lie saying how I actually wanted to search the word "corn" on google because our fifth grade teacher celebrates national corn day. I think she believed me. Long story short, I watch porn at least 3 times a week now.

I bet you had to read this twice, amirite?
Dudes, before you make her too angry, remember, females have more experience cleaning up blood stains, amirite?
@528491 I literally laughed out loud

I figuratively laughed out loud

Even though so many people die because of alcohol, you never think about how many of them are born because of it. amirite?
@Javvie Born with FAS :/

You guys don't know what FAS is?? HERE Plankton...Let me spell it for you!

F is for friends who do sex together
A is for Alcohol
S is for some couple at anytime at all,

Sea Creatures: Unhappy with their new baby!

Schrodinger's cat is dead, amirite?
In Flo Rida's song 'Low', he states that Shawty is wearing Apple Bottom jeans, the boots with the fur AND the Reeboks with the straps.. WHAT IS SHE, SOME KIND OF FOUR-LEGGED MORPH WOMAN? In all honesty, I'm not surprised the whole club is looking at her. amirite?
@Etherial "He states that Shawty is wearing the apple bottom jeans, the boots with the fur AND the Reeboks with the straps...

@940361 (Etherial): Wanna know whats creepy... The fact that goldfish only have a memory of 5 seconds.

Funny prank: Change all the names in someone's phonebook to other peoples' names, and then while they're trying to figure it out you beat them to death with a crowbar, amirite?
Some names are just un-nicknameable. amirite?
Wet dreams should be called snoregasms, amirite?
If only the Indians had given the Pilgrims donkey on Thanksgiving. We'd all be getting some ass today, amirite?
The less you use swear words, the more power they have when you do use them. amirite?
@Prosopagnosia Avatar needs to learn this...

Katara: "Aang... We need to teach you water bending.."

Stew is just the unsophisticated cousin of soup. There is a reason we don't call unintelligent things "souppid", amirite?
@RunThePacific "Aaaayyy, why you so souppid?"

Aaaayyy Copernicus, why don't you navigate yourself to the back of the line with your feet and stand there with your shirt?

A kindergarten teacher is someone who makes the little things in life count. amirite?
@Baconnoisseur omg im 5 and im not a thing im a personnn!!1!

Really. Last I checked the average lifespan of a Baconnoisseur is 3 years. You sir are living a healthy life.

It must've been tough being a magician in the 15th century. "Is this your card?" "Burn him! Burn the witch!!", amirite?
@StickCaveman Lol@ The Office one that shows up after this video.

I heard the Office is a funny show. Definitely some sexy male characters in it.