guy: you'd rather pee outside than in a restroom, amirite?

Whenever I get home late at night, I take a pee outside and look at the stars. It's very relaxing.

It seems like all your dad does when he's home is watch tv, amirite?
Automatic driving may be way more convenient and easier than manual driving, but if done properly manual looks infinitely more badass, amirite?

I like manual transmissions better than automatics.

On a first date, it's fair to assume that each person will pay for themselves (i.e. own movie ticket). Only when you're exclusive is it okay to let the other person pay for you. In a heterosexual couple, it should be okay for the boy to pay for the girl and the girl to pay for the boy, amirite?

The person who asked for the date should pay.

16 year olds: According to the government, old enough to have sex, but not old enough to have drunk sex, amirite?
Songs that are 10+ minutes seem to be accepted by every type of music except rap. amirite?

Progressive House <3

Riding your bike without a shirt in the pouring rain is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Amirite?
@KirstenAnn I just love the way the neighbors stare at my tits.

I'm not your neighbor, but I'll stare at your tits.

People see kids that have things like Ipads, Blackberrys and other electronics and call them spoiled. But if you think about it, having things like a tablet or a smartphone are becoming less and less toys and more actual tools. I'm sure when someone first invented paper and the pencil people regarded it as nothing more than a toy, and young people who had one were probably called spoiled. The same is happening now with smart phones and tablets. amirite?

How can you even compare Blackberrys and iPods to paper and pencils?

It's funny that when we find out about Kony abducting children in Africa, everyone is all up in arms, but when someone mentions that the United States is killing children in the Middle East, all you can hear are crickets, amirite?
Casual racism and casual homophobia has become a normality to the american youth, amirite?

Are you saying that this is a problem?

It's funny how I can voluntarily work for free, but if someone pays me four bucks an hour for the same work, it's not legal anymore. amirite?

America tends to contradict itself.

You already have an idea about what you want to name your future kids, amirite?

What's up with all these hipster names?

You can measure the popularity of a particular person by how many people say "bless you" when they sneeze in class, amirite?
Girls with small boobs: it's kinda annoying now, but at least they won't be saggy later, amirite?

Wow, so many anonymous people claiming to have big boobs on this post.

Guys: It's really annoying when you stand up after sitting for a long while, and your penis is still inside of you, and it wont come out even if you wiggle around a lot, amirite?

WTF, this doesn't happen.