I've just come up with the perfect name for the awkward shuffle where you and the person walking towards you don't know which way to go around each other: walkward, amirite?
AIDS patients: Don't fuck with them, amirite?

-Are you sure we shouldn't fuck with them?
-I'm not just sure, I'm HIV Positive.

Don't diss AOL... They put the whole Internet on a disk! amirite?

This sound was my mortal enemy for like 7 years.

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Quick way to piss off people on MLIA; go to comments and post 'pics or it didn't happen', amirite?

That would require creating an account. I'm not stooping to that level.

They said women would never vote. They said the titanic would never sink. They said man would never fly. We sometimes trust the wisdom of unwise people. Cancer can't be cured today, but tomorrow marks a new beginning. Dare to hope, and to believe. amirite?

Lame. Why do people try and be so inspirational on here?

Girls: You wonder how guys put on deodorant, when they have armpit hair blocking the way, amirite?

Guys: this is why you think girls are stupid, amirite?

When you were younger in the 1990's, the 'cool kids' wore nice clothes, were basically always serious, and thought kiddy 'things' were lame, but the 'cool kids' now like to color, are crazy, and like ninjas and other odd things, things that we thought before were lame. amirite?

This sounds like something that would be on MLIA...

Now that Obama has removed our troops from Iraq, it's going to end up just like Vietnam: the people we were fighting are going to come back in force and make things worse than they were before, amirite?

These "armed conflicts" are complete bullshit. The US is the biggest terrorist state in the world.

The Discovery Channel should be on a different channel everyday, amirite?

*every day

In a way, Facebook and other social networking sites help us to find someone we love. Before we had it, you had to get your nerves up to ask someone for their number, or for a date. Now, you just inbox them and if they say no, you say you got hacked. amirite?

Is it really that hard to find love without using Facebook?

By definition Terrorism is the systematic use of terror, especially as a means of coercion, deliberately target or disregard the safety of non-combatants/civilians. It's used when direct force seems to costly or undesirable and is a cowardly attempt to push the opposing force into submission by killing mass amounts of innocent people. And the most devastating act of terrorism ever done was the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. amirite?

America is the biggest terrorist country in the world. It has been involved in these "conflicts" incessantly for the past 70 years.

It's been a while Anthony did something to fuck with us (like the Nyan Cat song or the No Way song), amirite?

Why does it seem like every one of her posts gets homepaged?

Swimming is a leisure activity. Not a sport. amirite?
Riding your bike without a shirt in the pouring rain is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Amirite?
@KirstenAnn I just love the way the neighbors stare at my tits.

I'm not your neighbor, but I'll stare at your tits.

What did the black child get for Christmas? Your bike, amirite?

Lol I thought it was funny.