It doesn't matter if the glass is half full or empty, because it can always break, amirite?

That is really deep. And by deep I mean outrageously gay.

There's no fucking point in watching those 5000 meter races, we can all assume the winner will be ethopian. amirite?

The Kenyan wins, the Ethiopian dies of starvation in the race.

Somebody to Love by Justin Bieber has more views on Youtube than Somebody to Love by Queen. This is a problem, amirite?

Somebody to Love, by Justin Beiber has views on YouTube, this is a problem.

If female animals had their periods, all hell would break loose, amirite?
When you eat something, say chicken, your body produces enzymes called nucleases that break down nucleaic acids and use them to build your own nucleaic compounds. In other words your DNA is made of said chicken. You ARE what you eat, amirite?

Okay I had to read that two or three times because at first I thought you were telling us to say "chicken" when we eat.

You're wondering who this Anthony character is, and why we need to idolize him, amirite?

Some people have this weird Anthony cult going on which creeps me out.

Putting chapstick on extremely chapped lips doesn't help. You just end up with less chapped lips and scratched chapstick, amirite?
The best singers are the one who sing effortlessly, with no editing needed at all, amirite?

I feel the same way about humans who can fit in a suitcase.

"Being awesome" is a perfectly acceptable response to the question "What are you doing?", amirite?

I guess if you want to be a douche bag.

Harry Potter fans can be just as annoying or more annoying than Twilight fans, amirite?

Yeah I read the Harry Potter books, but then all the annoying fans have ruined it for me.

There's a difference between "hot" and "hott." Amirite?
You always seem to lose your cellphone when it's on silent, amirite?
@SerendipitalAmity A post just like this was on the homepage yesterday...

Yeah come up with something we at least haven't seen in the last 24 hours.

A bagel is like a doughnut with all the sin removed, Amirite?
@fuustoleit !!!!!!!!! for real?

yeah, and like the person below said, they are super dense and have a ton of carbs.

When you drench a salad in ranch dressing, it kind of defeats the purpose of eating healthily, amirite?
@Cereal Fool?? Good Lord, I haven't even been offensive or insulting, yet I'm getting called names. I wasn't really even...

You are an idiot. Nobody was talking about reasons to eat a salad like the textures and crap you were mentioning. It was about how dumping ranch dressing on the salad kind of defeats the purpose of a healthy food.