So many people wouldn't date someone who's living with their parents, but have no problem dating someone who's living with their spouse... amirite?

Depends why there living with their spouse? I'm in this particular situation half the week

Pick up is far better than door delivery, amirite?
Hockey should not allow/condone fighting as a normal part of the game, amirite?

How long have you been watching hockey?

Graveyards are such a waste of space, amirite?

in my city

Yeah the graveyards make that huge difference

Every dollar you spend represents a portion of your life you spent doing something you didn't necessarily want to do. amirite?

This is kind of a depressing way to look at things.

I genuinely enjoy my work even though many don't and constantly complain. I've also been unemployed and while that was nice for the first couple months, it sucked for the rest of the time I wasn't working.

All restaurants should have a hand washing area that is somewhere in the dining area (not the restroom). amirite?
@Kasie So carry hand sanitizer with you, problem solved.

Nothing better than using hand sanitizer and then eating finger food!

We should place a curfew forcing everyone to sleep/stay home at night. amirite?
People who tell kids that they'll miss being a kid or that they wish they could go back to being a kid are full of it. amirite?

I think the argument that everything is better when you are a child is heavily reliant on what your circumstances were when you were a child.

Graveyards are such a waste of space, amirite?
@vcsandfeces Sounds like we need to start asking for playground themed headstones. I'm going to go with monkey bars.

I think it would be pretty cool if my gravestone was a pull up bar or something then people could do an exercise circuit through the graveyard.

Cigarettes should be banned outright. No exceptions. amirite?

Okay, you've convinced me.

I'm switching to pipes!

I've never understood the appeal of strip clubs, amirite?
@Bigbluemountainstar Where do I sign up?

This was 20 years ago. The owner's coke problem got the best of him and the company went tits up.

If you aren't in a union, trying to join a union or organizing where you work you shouldn't complain about low pay or poor conditions. amirite?
@Boknows12 Very unpopular opinion. In my state the unions have taken over the government, causing insanely high taxes and...

Public service unions are an absolute menace. NY State teachers get an amazing retirement deal too, and the quality of the school system here is mediocre. Our cops make ridiculous pay relative to their education and the skills required to do the jobs, plus 20 yr retirement at 75% of high 3. So they retire in their early 40s and make $125-150k/yr until they die. This is why we have (maybe) the highest taxes in the country and one of the lowest standards of living.

Eating healthy and working out aren't worth it, amirite?

People don't do this as punishment. It's rewarding and feels good to be healthy. Doing physical activities and sports becomes easier, you look better, and you also mentally feel better. Obviously, you can eat unhealthy foods, but having a balanced diet is important. Your mindset is why 40% of Americans are obese as it's quite common of an idea. Now, you can do whatever you want, and if eating poorly is what you want, then more power to you. But to have the mindset that people that try to stay healthy are miserable is completely incorrect as you are mentally more healthy when you take care of your body.

If you aren't in a union, trying to join a union or organizing where you work you shouldn't complain about low pay or poor conditions. amirite?

What of I live in a "right to work" state that basically did away with unions

Something becomes culturally significant only when it is no longer culturally relevant. amirite?

Kinda like people thinking the Internet would just be a fad and would die out in a decade or so. Cultural significance can only be recognized in hindsight, because it's the only way we can tell how large of a mark it left.