Mashed potatoes are one of the worst foods to ever exist. amirite?

I can eat mashed potato but the consistency doesn't feel good to me so I choose not to eat them. It's the mouth feel for me.

78-82 degrees is the best temperature for your home, amirite?
@ambitiouscorner That's exactly what I do at my apartment...I wake up really cold and can hopefully curl up in my bed and then I...

I tend to prefer to leave it open and just curl up under a blanket, or put on slightly warmer clothes if it is too cold for me.

However, I also have an issue with heat, where if I start sweating, I cannot cool down, and will get headaches, so I definitely prefer keeping it colder than would be truly comfortable, rather than have it be warmer (since it can be very difficult to get it 'just right' and keep it there.)

78-82 degrees is the best temperature for your home, amirite?

You should get some blood work done

I like saving every message on Snapchat, amirite?

I do this too, I get why and that it's a charm of the application. It's just easy to forget conversations when I haven't spoken to someone for a few weeks and I like to remember what else we've spoken to, never seen people take issue with this and others have done this as well

Face Slapping is the greatest sport, amirite?

That is indeed an unpopular opinion

Penny Arcade is literally the worst webcomic of all time. amirite?

Never seen it, didn't feel like missed much

Penny Arcade is literally the worst webcomic of all time. amirite?
Search engines are useless now, amirite?

Search engines frustrate me because they all now rely entirely on Wikipedia. They automatically answer questions with Wiki links or have sidebars with Wiki info. Not my can of soda.

People who play instruments deserve more hype, amirite?

You can't just get people to clap and say you're amazing over something they don't find that impressive. That's just how it is, and a lot of people do things other than instruments that take hours to do and get 0 recognition when they get great at it. Especially when it's something involving things that aren't art.

Either way, it doesn't and shouldn't matter if there's recognition or not from others as long as you are hyped and impressed at yourself.

Spiders are kinda cute, amirite?

Warning: This guy is Vecna

Chicago is one of the most fun cities to visit in the US. amirite?

From there and it does have good food and great museums but just too darn cold and gray and flat.

plastic is not our enemy, lazy humans are, amirite?
@tonywonderslostnut Even beyond that, a significant portion of plastic ends up in the ocean because of lying politicians. Locally a...

Unfortunately, most people don't do any digging on their chosen politician. The first thing I do with any candidate is look for dirt on them.

Paper is often better than the cloud. amirite?

What does this have to do with storing data in a serverfarm? They could store it in an on site server for all we know...

Earbuds of all kinds suck and over-ear headphones are 300 times better, amirite?

I agree headphones have better sound quality, feel very comfortable, and cant fall off. They're better than earbuds in everyway really except for being portable. I prefer using small earphones that I can fit in my pocket when outside.

We need to spend much more on high achieving students and less on underachieving students. amirite?