About me.

Hey so my name's Chris Phan
I like debating especially on amirite or online because I'm HORRIBLE when it comes to public speaking. Debate me on anything: politics, religion etc.

I live in Bensalem, PA so HMU!

Not much to say about me.
I'm not a grammar Nazi but I find that proper grammar is more appropriate when I have the time to do it.

I have a short attention spa-.... wait what was I writing?

I have no hope for the future -_-

"Say no to drugs and yes to pugs!"

Don't ask me about my username :p I made it when I was a little kid and didn't know the slightest meaning of it but everyone always said it. Kept it for many years because it was the easiest thing to remember.

Well enough about me; Write on my wall and let's spark a conversation!