Well, it depends. If the character has different ethnicities, then yes. What's really stupid is the "asians" with pink, blue, and purple hair.

The perfect TLC show: Obese midgets with an obscene amount of kids, who force their children to compete in beauty pageants. They also bake cake in their spare time. Amirite?

...But they didn't know that they were pregnant with those kids.

Sometimes you wish that you could go back in time and tell your pre-teen self that everything gets better, amirite?

I'd try to stop her from ever watching Naruto or any of that crap and to be less of a crybaby, emo weaboo. And that people are assholes and for the LOVE OF GOD DO NOT BEFRIEND THE POPULAR GIRLS, THEY WILL EAT YOU ALIVE.

Your left index finger has just turned into a gun and fired a bullet, you are very unhappy where you shot it, amirite?

My stomach..or it just skimmed it and went for my leg.

Having short hair doesn't mean a girl is gay. It means she likes having short hair. amirite?

THIS. My best friend has short hair and everyone thinks she's some big dyke, and they ignore the fact that she's had a boyfriend and likes a guy right now.
Well, actually, she is bi, but she had short hair before she realized. She has it because her hair gets unruly when it grows past her shoulders and her old cut made her look too young.

And I have ANOTHER friend that has short hair and is the straightest girl I know. AND is dating a guy. And take me for example; I'm a "dyke" and I have pretty long hair.

Regular News: President Obama saves Earth from giant meteor. Fox News: President Obama steals jobs from superheroes. amirite?

Main reason I hate Amirite: It's 100% liberal, and if you even HINT that you aren't, or that you watch Fox News you're evil. Can't we agree to disagree that ALL media is corrupt?

If there was ever an episode on Hannah Montana about her getting a bra like there was on Lizzie McGuire, all hell would break loose, amirite?

There's been a few bra episodes...Jackson used them for something, and once she was so tired she wore one outside her shirt.

I hate myself for knowing this.

William Shatner's last words should be, 'Beam me up, God.', amirite?

He said that in that one episode of Family Guy, I'm pretty sure.

It's hard to imagine people like Lil' Wayne, Katy Perry, and especially Lady Gaga will all be old one day, amirite?
Sometimes you wonder what would happen if someone posted "To be honest, you're not cool and you're a slut" on a popular girl's page, amirite?

One girl would say "OMGGG HOW RUUDE girl dnt listen to dem u r soo pretty iluu <3<3<3"
Then she'd say "ur just jealoussss! hopp offff ;P"
Then the rest of her crew would say "shesss soo awesum && is NOT a sluut bc she luvs her ONE bf too much an they are so sweet an in love <3 lmfao ur an ugly biiitch that has no friendsss ;)"

Sometimes you wish rumors were true, amirite?

"Did you hear _ and _ are going out?" "Hey _, are you dating _?"

God, if only...

It's a little weird that the capital of New York isn't New York City, amirite?

It was originally in NYC, but they moved it to Albany after the creation of the Erie Canal because it was "in the middle" of the state. At least, that's what I learned in my 8th grade history class. It somewhat makes sense, it's an hour or up to 5 hours from all the big cities (Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, New York)

You never know what to put on something that requires your age the day before your birthday, amirite?

The shooter was a Democrat that had grudges against Giffords in the past. I'm guessing because of 9/11 you're hoping for the end of the Muslim faith? Instead of immediately going "Oh, there was a shooting...TEA PARTY, FUCK YOU," how about going "Oh, there was a shooting, let's hope they're alright, honor the victims and leave politics for after the dust has settled a bit."

The media makes sure that all you see representing the "Tea Baggers" are Palin and middle aged/elderly people with picket signs. That's not all of the Tea Party. I am a non-partisan because I believe that values should not come from set guidelines in a party, shoved down people's throats, or cause hatred among people. Tea Party or not, there was a fucking SHOOTING. A little girl and others DIED. Stop pointing fingers for just a moment and at least show some respect. How about we wait until, I dunno, end of January? Then we can have that lovely "Tea Party did this/didn't do this" battle.

I know a guy who was convicted of drunk driving. He got his license back but in order to start his car (in addition to a key) he has to blow into a machine that measures his alcohol level. They should install these machines in every car. That would end drunk driving for good, amirite?

Good idea, but I read somewhere that other things can cause the breathalyser to lock. I even read some guy experimented with different kinds of ice cream because it would lock it up.