If something genuinely helps humanity, but harms the big industries, chances are we will never hear of it again. amirite?

people who like to think their problems are a result of negative forces outside their control love to feel this way (conspiracy theorists)
in reality, humans like things that benefits them, and are willing to pay for in.
generally, helping humanity is profitable.

small, consumer friendly improvements are an exception. closed tech ecosystems, selling energy that harms the environment, making light bulbs that last forever…. but even then, things generally work themselves around. 10+ year LEDs are popular now… open tech is becoming more popular by competing companies, green energy is slowly becoming profitable and mainstream…

something that genuinely helps humanity can be created by a small start up, and TURN INTO a large corporation. then, corps have to compete

Blind people don't speak sign language, amirite?

I mean, technically no one "speaks" sign language.

But yes, blind people can learn to sign. Their eyes don't work, doesn't mean they can still learn hand motions lol

Our species is one of the rare ones with only 2 breasts, amirite?
at some point in history we colectively decided pants or shorts without leg separation are femenine, amirite?

Unless you're in Scotland

There are more atoms in a spoon, than there are spoons in Atlantic Ocean. amirite?
@Thatoneduderyan OP is still technically correct 🤣

Haha, yes indeed. But I think he forgot a word to the saying

Some lucky person is going to be the first human to ever masturbate on Mars, amirite?
People probably have 'discovered' things in the course of their lives, but those things are simply not known to the world because they do not share them. amirite?

I found out that when I touch my ding-a-ling in certain way, it feels good. I wonder if anyone else have ever tried that.

You can kill millions of people by blowing up a sperm bank. amirite?
Nipples will fall right off. amirite?

Well golly gee I better put on my nipple clamps then

the majority of people who label others as possessing a low IQ don't even know what IQ stand for. amirite?

People are so judgmental, I can tell just by looking at them.

XS, sure. Small, yep. XL, XXL, even XXXXXL? Mmm, OK. XM? NO WAY! There is only medium. amirite?

You could always ask for a "Youth Husky" for a different medium size.

the amount animosity that the tran community receives is hard to understand given that they constitute less that 1% of the population in every country, amirite?
@404ChompyNotFound There were rules to gender, and like 90% of the population adhere to them, you wouldn't see a man wearing a dress...

long as you're being respectful, you're in the clear, you're not a villain for unintentionally using the wrong words.

Personal experience and a bunch of videos kinda prove you wrong here, I've seen people go completely off the trail because I said "mam" instead of "them" once or twice, it takes time and people are not patient about it

XS, sure. Small, yep. XL, XXL, even XXXXXL? Mmm, OK. XM? NO WAY! There is only medium. amirite?

Sometimes it works out in our favor haha

The vast majority of the sky is actually below our feet. amirite?
@teknogreek High how are you.

Enough to say hello to the majority of the sky below their feet.

A zombie has probably caught aids, amirite?