Someone somewhere, Has a crush on you and will love you to pieces if they had the chance and you are likely totally oblivious to it. amirite?
Fencing is pretend swordfighting you did as a kid made into a sport. amirite?
there's a better chance of getting cancer than getting murdered. amirite?

First world problems.

Watching football on the moon would look like the whole game is one big highlight film, amirite?
A 28 year old person that doesn't accept alcohol is more questioned than a 10000 day sober, amirite?
@Sharag So I'm a "diddler" because I can't stand the taste of alcohol.....?

Do you have any of the common vices? So maybe not alcohol but you know: cigarettes, weed, coffee.. maybe a occasionally do some cocaine?
If none of that I better see you gambling or something or else I'm going to be suspicious of your intentions.

the amount animosity that the tran community receives is hard to understand given that they constitute less that 1% of the population in every country, amirite?
Violent crimes exist because the training needed to make them extinct is nonexistent, amirite?

Most crimes are basically just things animals do to each other all the time we'll probably never get the natural instincts out of us.

We don't consider any number below hundred as hyperboles. amirite?

I've checked my phone 88 times. Called you 78 times. Sent you 50 messages.
I've been looking at this picture for 5 minutes looking for the the hidden cat.

No one takes pictures at a funeral, amirite?
90% of lies told are out of kindness or convenience, and not particularly immoral, amirite?

Honesty is the best policy...which makes dishonesty the second-best policy.

You might already own the clothes you will die in. amirite?

I'll use my birthday suit...

if you put too many hydroelectric power station into a river you cause bad water, due to too low/slow flow. and if we put up too many wind turbines weill we get muddy air then or not, amirite?

Maybe slower air if a large enough area was packed with windmills that were almost touching. But why would you spend millions to put a turbine in an area that was already saturated with them.

The guy who decided where each key goes on a keyboard has more influence on you than can ever imagine, amirite?
Our species needs a purpose. amirite?

Let us find a worthy goal…

Using the Braille writing system you could cheat on tests at school and never get caught. amirite?