Liking someone that is dating someone else is extremely confusing, especially if you are good friends.
@LeyTheFlea And then you get that moment where the friend likes you in return but doesn't want to break up so it's like hey...

Or it's at least obvious they like you too but you both just pretend nothing's happening and you're unhappy forever! hahahahahaa

Girls: You pee on the tampon string.
@Frank_n_Furter Not on purpose. But it gets in the way. It's just THERE. Unless you've never taken a pee while you had the tampon in.

I ask because my sister thinks it is super disgusting and apparently holds the string out of the way. I never even thought about it.

I think biological fathers should have a legal say in whether or not their child is aborted. I'm not saying they should have final say, but it's not fair for them to have absolutely no say.

The only way this could work if they wanted the child to live would be through some kind of legal document that guaranteed theywould take care of it by themselves with no help from the mother. Even then, there are so many flaws.

At least once in your life you have gotten generally angry because of how attractive someone is.
At least once in your life you have gotten generally angry because of how attractive someone is.
Some people have argued that there should be a ban on music that glorifies violence against women, but I disagree. While I think violence against women is wrong, I also recognize that musicians have the right to freedom of speech, just like everyone else. If we censor music, we'll be paving the way for total censorship.

I agree about leading to more censorship but I do think public radio shouldn't play songs promoting violence, prejudice, etc.

Atheism is as illogical as theism in regards to the origin of everything

I hope you realize atheism is just one shared belief which involves the nonexistence of a god. It is not inclusive of the earth or life's origin.

The best part about coming home from a long vacation is getting to sleep in your own bed again, amirite?

seeing your dog again

You've run into porn at least once by mistake online, amirite?

Today in school
And then of course my computer froze

Chris Rock has a terribly annoying voice. amirite?

I can't stand it in Everybody Hates Chris.

Although you don't like to stereotype and generalize, the whole concept of religion enrages you, even if for a second, when you hear about a 11 year-old girl facing death penalty for burning a book that she probably can not read simply because of belonging to a religion that she probably does not understand. amirite?

America rules because we don't give 11 year olds the death penalty? Seems logical.

Guys: you are more attracted to virgins than sluts, amirite?

You make it seem as though being a slut and virgin are the only options.
Had sex for the second time? Aw shit I'm a slut.

It's more important to build hospitals than churches, amirite?

and schools

Girls: if you found out you were pregnant today, at your current age and in your current socioeconomic situation, you would probably get an abortion, amirite?
A lot of people seem to forget that faith isn't proof. Amirite?

Quite the opposite actually