You hate when you're trying to say something serious but it rhymes without you even trying, and now you just look like a poetic hipster who feels like crying, amirite?

you're a poet and you didn't even realize it....

Guys: It would be a great idea to save all your semen after you masturbate and put them into vials, so eventually you could have enough to package into a cup and send to a yogurt company for a taste test. If things go well, it could even become a national business where supermodels would "assist" you in producing the creamy goodness, amirite?
You always wonder were actors get newborn children. Its not like you rent them, amirite?

What do you mean "It's not like you rent them"

I've been in the baby renting business for the past 5 years. And business is booming.

Most theatre people are awesome, amirite?

"Most theatre people are awesome" - Most Theatre People

How in the hell do they get those cars in the malls, amirite?

In mine, the cars were already there, and we built the mall around them.

A lot of people say that, if George Washington were still alive, he would tell us what a horrible job we're doing with our country. I personally think that he would say something along the lines of "I'm two hundred and eighty years old! Why aren't I dead yet?", amirite?

or "i'm 280 years old and wat is this...."

You used to think the red skittles were cherry, not strawberry, amirite?

I was under the impression they were "red flavored"

You like to weigh yourself before and after you poop, amirite?

i just poop on the scale...

With the way America is going, they should start making bras for men. amirite?
Rich people drink lemonade. Poor people drink financial ade, amirite?

Certainly, but it's not lemonade. That delectable combination of sugar, lemons, and water is just out of my price range.

You wouldn't say "I know karate!" if you actually knew it, amirite?

"Back off, I'm a white belt."

Finding a good college that is right for you is so hard, amirite?
The difference between gay men and straight men; Gay men look at the CLOTHES on the women, straight men look at the WOMEN, in the clothes, amirite?

ohhhh, THAT'S the difference. i was under the impression it had to do with liking dudes.

When it comes to food, we've been teaching our kids that it's fine to eat things such as Gingerbread Men, Animal Crackers and Gummy Bears. Surely they'd grow up with more morals if we gave them something like Jelly Jailmates? 'Hey Timmy, what're you up to?' "Just biting the head off a convicted criminal, Dad!" 'Attaboy!' amirite?

but i always make my animal crackers and gummi bears have make believe sex.

Girls: You love hugging tall guys, because you get to stand on your tip toes and swing your arms around their neck, or wrap your arms around them and bury your face in their chest, amirite?

Guys: you love hugging tall girls, because you get to wrap your arms around them and bury your face in their chest hello smilie , amirite?