when you get to school on your birthday, and your locker isn't decorated, it kind of sucks...amirite?
Dear 6th grader, when you get to 7th or 8th grade, you will understand why we don't like you. amirite?

Dear high school kids, when you graduate you'll realize why no one cares.

Thousand Foot Krutch, Skillet, Family Force 5 and Run Kid Run are amazing Christian bands, amirite?

Amazing Christian band is an oxymoron.

That depressing realization that you've become addicted to a trash reality TV show when your sole purpose on watching it for the first time was only to make fun and mock, but now you tune in each week to see what happens next. Now I understand how these shows stay on the air, and I've discovered the sad truth that I'm a hypocrite...amirite?

that feeling you get when a post isnt a sentence.

With condoms becoming so expensive, we should all just turn gay, amirite?

If you can't afford 9$ for 12 condoms, you probably can't afford a kid, and probably shouldn't be having sex until your ready for worst case scenario.

It's possible to get through high school without having sex or doing drugs it's called morals, amirite?

No, not morals... I think boring was the word you're looking for.

Canadians: You know that our political leaders are a joke when you watch the electoral debates purely for entertainment purposes rather than to attain any knowledge of their respective parties, amirite?

Youre right, the fact that the US is trillions in deficit, the economy is in the shitter (the CAD is now higher than the USD) AND we have free healthcare + no terrorist threats WINNING

I asked my dads friend who razors his head every day, the answer he gave me was "do you shampoo your arms? Do you shampoo your legs? If my head doesn't have any more hair then those why the fuck would i shampoo it?"

The Invention of Lying is a hell of a lot funnier if you're an Atheist/Agnostic, amirite?

i need an omg yes button for this one.

If Adam and Eve were both white...how is there black people? amirite?
@You're ignorance astounds me. You forgot Asians, Indians, Latino's, Arabs and every other coloured nation :|

You're ignorance astounds ME. To get offended about something so stupid. Oh you're right, by not listing 19 other races in one post they're trying to diserespect them. Grow the fuck up.

And for the post, it's about the heat of the area vs pigmentation of the skin. That's why when you tan you get darker, hotter the place, darker they are. It's evolution.

The ford Mustang is better than the chevy Camaro, amirite?

"Camaro" - A small, vicious animal that eats mustangs.

Sometimes people on the internet are so stupid you want to facepalm with a brick, amirite?



Guys: You wish you had more gal friends, amirite?

It takes two to start drama, it can't always be the other persons fault.

Ok, really people. There are SO many people on amirite so it is very likely there will be reposts even if the person doesn't know it. So, shut the fuck up if you're picking on peoples posts about repeats. amirite?
Coming home to discover that your mom decided to throw your school textbooks out on the porch in the middle of a severe thunderstorm sucks. amirite?

this isn't fml