Dear 6th grader, when you get to 7th or 8th grade, you will understand why we don't like you. amirite?

Dear high school kids, when you graduate you'll realize why no one cares.

Don't compliment someone on what can be artificially created (straight hair, big boobs etc...) compliment them on their eyes, amirite?

Contact lenses?

If Adam and Eve were both is there black people? amirite?
@You're ignorance astounds me. You forgot Asians, Indians, Latino's, Arabs and every other coloured nation :|

You're ignorance astounds ME. To get offended about something so stupid. Oh you're right, by not listing 19 other races in one post they're trying to diserespect them. Grow the fuck up.

And for the post, it's about the heat of the area vs pigmentation of the skin. That's why when you tan you get darker, hotter the place, darker they are. It's evolution.

They should call the remote for Wii a "Wiimote". amirite?

Good thing thats what they call it already. ono smilie

All fast food places should have a door with a compulsory sized door which makes it impossible for obese people to enter. This way, they won't be able to eat at McDonalds/Burger King unless they lose some weight and stop costing the taxpayer so much money. amirite?

or, you know, go through the drive-thru.

With condoms becoming so expensive, we should all just turn gay, amirite?

If you can't afford 9$ for 12 condoms, you probably can't afford a kid, and probably shouldn't be having sex until your ready for worst case scenario.

Every good song has one dumb line: Firework-"Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?", Grenade-"Your eyes were open, why were they open?", amirite?
@soberlikekesha Eh me and my girlfriend both do it. We like to look into each other's eyes while kissing lol. I suppose it could be...

Apparently if you kiss with your eyes open, it's not true love, old superstition, but that's why he sings it.

I don't understand suicidal people. If your life is terrible don't kill yourself, instead improve or change the terrible part of your life. amirite?

Let's just get them to change who they are! You're getting bullied? Discriminated against? No problem, just don't be who you want to be and you'll be fine!

when you get to school on your birthday, and your locker isn't decorated, it kind of sucks...amirite?
Admit it: before you actually heard "Blow" by Ke$ha, you thought it was gonna be about something TOTALLY different, amirite?

i thought it was going to be about coke

In 1869, fire rained over Germany. In 1969, Led Zeppelin released his first recorded album. In 2069, all that is going to happen is a string of "LOL 69" comments from our generations, amirite?

Led Zeppelin released his first album eh? did all the band members turn into one guy? transformer like?

Sometimes it feels like going to school is a selfish act to better ourselves. We spend so much time inside learning, while we could be doing something that helps make the world a better place and makes a difference to someone, amirite?

knowledge is power. you wouldn't know where to start with the environment without school.

The good animal meat comes from the muscle, not the fat. So why stuff a thousand animals into a tiny cage with nothing to do but eat all day? Let them roam, or better yet, set up a little chicken boot camp or some sort of cow YMCA center. More humane treatment for them, better quality meat for us. amirite?

Muscle makes meat tough. The fat content is what tenderizes it.

Sometimes you wonder why people get tattoos in places where you'll never see them. Putting them somewhere, like on your wrist is somewhat acceptable, since you want to be able to hide them in appropriate situations. But simply having a tattoo, meaningful or not, in a place where people can't seem them is just wasted art, amirite?

Do yourself a favor and never get a tattoo. If you're getting one just for other people to see, you're going to regret it.