We are almost never 'on time' because if we arrive even a minute before we're supposed to we are 'early', amirite?
The 0 century didn't exist, amirite?

You're talking about the negative zero right?

Taxidermist have two options when it comes to giving their kids a stuffed animal. amirite?

You think this is how JD and Turk ended up with Rowdy?

The wind is gay because all it does is blow you. amirite?

Or it's bi, because it blows everyone. It's not picky.

Most celebrities wouldn't be considered attractive if they were normal people. amirite?
@Thepigwithwings Source?

Have you ever met any celebrities? IME they are always shorter than expected.

Teenagers are sick and tired of being stereotyped as dumb and stupid, and adults are dumb and stupid for believe in such stereotypes, amirite?
@Probably a dumb teenager too

Yea, definitely a stupid teenager. They have life figured out... hahahahaha Hahahaha I pooped a little.

The animals that we kill the most have the lowest chance of going extinct as a cause of our actions. amirite?
@jishuah Humans

Wrong, we will cause our own downfall

With as much as babies cry and scream, it's a miracle that none of us have serious vocal cord damage from birth. amirite?

That's a good point actually, babies can just scream and scream without ever damaging heir voice as older humans would, I want an explanation, someone ?

Technically, straight men and women have the exact same amount of sex, amirite?
Technically, straight men and women have the exact same amount of sex, amirite?
@Whalebird Indeed, unless one of them is cheating on the other

Then the opposite sex is still keeping things in balance. I think it's worth clarifying, though, that straight men and straight women have the exact same amount of straight sex.

Electricity isn't used directly, amirite?
Portal is Half-life 3, amirite?

yo... that kinda is logical but we need a black mesa hl3 not aperture tech

Our testicles are nearly always in complete darkness, amirite?

Batman: You hear that Bane? You're a ball bag.

Having two actors play the same main role in a movie, while keeping the rest of the movie identical would really help people appreciate how much influence the main actor has on a movie. amirite?

Watch Dr parnassus.

Silent and deadly is reserved for ninjas, snakes and farts. amirite?

And a farting ninja is silent silent deadly deadly then?