I'm really curious to see what kind of music kids will be listening to in 50 years. It's weird to think that there's eventually going to be a new genre of music that we've never heard before, amirite?

Rap yodeling. Oh wait, Kesha already did that.

Today, i was reading How Easy it is for a Guy to crAck a code if he Makes himsElf read only the capital letters of a sentence, amirite?

Wow, you suck.

Everything with hair on them, except our heads, looks and feels disgusting, amirite?

eyebrows? eyelashes?

Why is the god of Christianity's name God? That's not exactly a very creative name for a god, amirite?
@yddraigarian er, no it isn't. to borrow from someone's example earlier, pretend the god of christianity is steve. then it...

Ah! You're right. I may have just read it wrong before, or didn't put enough thought into that one. Woops!

Why is the god of Christianity's name God? That's not exactly a very creative name for a god, amirite?
@528491 I guess I'm just stupid or something but I still don't get how it's not a sentence. "Why is(linking verb) god's...

He said "Why is the god of Christianity's name God?" That's like saying, why is the girl that's posting name Megan?

it's annoying when girls put that little heart after a sentence that has nothing to do with love or doesn't need a random heart, amirite?

You're so right <3

It doesn't matter if you like Taylor Swift or not, but if you actually pay attention to her lyrics, they're really good. amirite?

She does too many things to just fill space.
"You put your arm around me... for the first time"

Movies are an upgrade to books. amirite?

You would do well in the Fahrenheit 451 world.

If I asked you to define the word 'the', you'd be stumped. Amirite?
@umamaniqua Why were you on MLIA? Do I have to ground you again?!

How would you know it's from MLIA if you haven't been on it?

Im sorry but there is no I in you and me... But there is if you use proper grammer! amirite?

You do realize that 'you and me' is proper in some sentences, right?

"She gave it to you and me"
"You and I went to the store"

If I actually lived like there's no tomorrow everyday I would be obese, amirite?

hahaha good point.

It would be convenient to be fired from the unemployment office, amirite?
It would be fascinating to have a discussion with an exact copy of yourself. Someone who thinks, talks, and acts exactly like you. amirite?

Talk in front of a mirror

We all used to make waves in the bathtub, amirite?

We all used to make bubbles in the bath tub.

Some girls make the idea of sex seem like such a big deal. They need to loosen up, amirite?
@Sex_With_A_Snail Yea so you can fuck them.

I'm actually an extremely straight girl. This was supposed to be a pun=/