You get paranoid leaving the sims on when you're not there, amirite?
It's like some movies were made specifically to be quoted, amirite?

Mean Girls!

Peruvian Puff Peppers: Only found in South Ah-mur-e-ka, amirite?

"You want a mouth full of fist?!""You want a butt full of foot?!"

Josh: "I don't know Drake, all this cheating makes me feel...dirty"
Drake: "Well, take a bath when you get home."

On Halloween, a lot of girls dress up like the slutty version of anything, amirite?

It seems like every girl is a slutty cat for halloween

The word "off " kind of looks like someone doing Michael Jackson's thriller dance, amirite?

(Orignalty Police): sorry i searched it and it showed it hadn't been posted before

The Hornets play really good bee-fense, amirite?
Unlike Facebook, it seems like Amirite actually knows how to make improvements on their website. amirite?
When you were younger you stepped on other people's shadows, amirite?

shadow tag

Sometimes when you're alone you pretend you're a carrot, amirite?

easy for me, i have red hair

You've fallen for a character in your favorite show or book series before, amirite?

Jim Halpert

I propose we add a new day to the week and call it "Someday," just think of all the awesome stuff that would happen on it. amirite?

everyone in the Well's Fargo ads would be ecstatic