You're going 68. The speed limits 60. But even though you're speeding, everyone around you is going 80 and you end up looking like the dick that everyone has to pass, amirite?

I thought this was going to be a 69 joke.

how do you know when people say idk, they don't mean i do know, amirite?
In "The Nightmare Before Christmas", it would be interesting to see what would have happened if Jack went through a different door instead of the one to Christmas Town, amirite?

Nightmare before ST. Patrick's day? I think yes!

Willow and Jaden Smith will never be as cool as their dad. I mean come on, he was the Fresh Prince. amirite?

On the playground where I spent most of my days

Sometimes you get a word stuck in your head rather than a song. amirite?
Dear mom: it's cute when you try and discipline me, but you're really not the boss of me, and if you try to cancel my fourteenth birthday party, I'm going to call the cops and tell them you poured boiling water on me, amirite?

Someone's a brat...

Jewish boys are so cute, amirite?

Puckzilla from glee!

What do orphans get for Christmas? Cancer. amirite?
I wonder what will happen if I put a mistletoe under my belt. amirite?
It's irritating when someone is neutral instead of picking sides on something that you have serious opinions about, amirite?

Agnostics! :D

In reality, chickens, pigs, and cows are the same as dogs and cats, but the penalties for purposely hurting a dog or cat can put you in jail; when animals that we eat are kept in horrible conditions and slaughtered with no penalties. Amirite?

Yeah the living conditions aré terrible for animals like that, i agree with this post 100% .all livestock are very smart and productive animals

Horrible childhood = Badass serial killer or author of best seller book, amirite?
@TalkingRice Dave Pelzer is what came to mind for me

Stephen King writes best selling books about badass serial killers.

You represent the "Everyone should have a free Llama" party, amirite?
@WryVendor What are you, some sort of socialist? You think llamas should just be a free government handout? I paid for my...

AGREED. People these days... Next thing you know we'll be getting free alpacas too! Outrageous.

Haha, that's so cheesy

It's wrong to force soldiers to coexist in close living quarters, showering, using the restroom, etc, in front of people of the same gender who are openly homosexual. amirite?