Yes, because every american teenagers secret is that they're pregnant...amirite?
No one knows what state The Simpsons live in, amirite?

O.o i always assumed they lived in springfield, illinois

Where do they even find those creepy children for scary movies, amirite?
When watching the movie Cast Away you get wicked sad when Wilson dies/floats away, Amirite?
Horrible childhood = Badass serial killer or author of best seller book, amirite?
@TalkingRice oooh really? LOL that fits so well with this post. recommend me some good books?

Well, although it isn't about a serial killer it's still totally superb. Cell by him is my favorite.
It's about like how all cell phones send out some weird frequency that makes everyone who hears it go mad and start attacking each other. It's pretty intense.

Snape's death was the most emotional part of Deathly Hollows pt. 2, amirite?
@open_mind_open_soul Oh my gosh that was horrible. It was between that and Fred. But they didn't make Fred's death nearly as emotional...

Fred died for no reason at all! I was already bawling my eyes out from the Snape scene, and then like 5 mintutes later THAT happens.

Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri is clearly about dementors, amirite?
If you were playing Rock, Paper, Scissors with Hitler, you'd always win because he's always going to choose paper, amirite?


Willow and Jaden Smith will never be as cool as their dad. I mean come on, he was the Fresh Prince. amirite?


People fear rejection, want attention, crave affection and dream of perfection. amirite?

Tht's beautiful :')

We spend so much time doing our hair, but when you really get down to the root of it, we are doing all this for dead cells, amirite?

I don't know about you, but I don't do it for the dead skin cells, I do it for me, to look good..

It sucks when you're trying to pull your blanket up but end up punching yourself, amirite?
@that has never happened to me...

congrats on not failing, unlike the rest of us.

We all have that one Hermione Granger friend, who makes you feel stupid no matter the circumstances, amirite?
A Fine Frenzy's songs have some of the best and deepest lyrics ever, amirite?

It makes me sleepy :D

Dreams are just the heart and brain's way of working together to tell you something, amirite?

I better start dating Charlie Sheen.