Vegetarians who eat veggie burgers and stuff are a little hypocritical. If they find the murder of animals appalling, shouldn't try to recreate its results in any way, amirite?

Oh you bloodthirsty, evil vegetarians, you

T-Bo from iCarly looks like Antoine Dodson, Amirite?
@LalaLoopsie Repost.

You didn't have to run and tell that!

people look different when asleep or laying down, amirite?

Especially your mom.

I wonder what will happen if I put a mistletoe under my belt. amirite?
When you were little, you thought that water towers were literally giant towers filled with gallons upon gallons of water, and if the hatches were opened, the town would flood, amirite?
Horrible childhood = Badass serial killer or author of best seller book, amirite?
@TalkingRice Dave Pelzer is what came to mind for me

Stephen King writes best selling books about badass serial killers.

You love leaves, amirite?
It would be so much easier to become a vegetarian if bacon didn't exist, amirite?

Bacon was te easiest thing to stop eating. It's just pig fat. Like wtf.

im not a troll you socialist satanfags! fuck you hippie emo slutwhores! SOLDIERS ARE HEROES BITCH!!!!!! amirite?

Pass the weed my dear hippie friends

We all have that one Hermione Granger friend, who makes you feel stupid no matter the circumstances, amirite?

"God Hermione, why do you have to be such a buzzkill?"

"guess what I do for adventure...I hang-glide on a dorito" . amirite?

Want to watch me pick this crayon up! Uhh..ugh! I can't. I can't really pick anything up at all.

Your favorite character always dies, amirite?
You have never actually called the number on the back of a utility truck to report their unsafe driving, amirite?

That's just because you're Jesus.

So.. um.. What do giant dancing hampsters have to do with a car, amirite?
@kacky favorite commercial ever! you can get wit dis o you can get wit dat.

): You can get wit dis, or you can get wit dat. Yeah you can get wit dis, or you can get wit dat.

Dear Poets: No one says "again" like "a-gayn" everyone says"a-gen", amirite?

At last... My arm is complete a-gayn