In the Spongebob movie he says he has 374 employee of the month awards. If you multiply it by the number of months in a year it shows he has been working there for 31 years. If he started the job at age 16 he would be 47 years old. Kinda creepy, amirite?

multiply the fact that its a cartoon by the fact that no one gives a fuck, and you get the result shut the hell up.

Knowing that our brains can't make up faces, and every face in our dreams have been faces we have seen in real life makes you wonder how many strangers' dreams you have been in, amirite?

How can this be proven?

Insulting fat people about their weight inspires them to lose weight, or commit suicide. Either way food gets saved and this excess food can be used to feed starving children in Africa. So insult fat kids; do it for the African children, amirite?

i know this post is a joke, but it's extremely sad because some people actually think its okay to make fun of overweight people to the point of suicide.

Everyone has that movie where you can pretty much quote every word. amirite?

School of rock mf! [=

You wonder how a mullet was ever considered 'stylish', amirite?

same with the "bump" though, right?

It feels good to have a very small child wander around your back, amirite?

This is creepy...

Guitarists: Dropping your plectrum into your acoustic guitar is the most frustrating thing ever, amirite?

One time my pick fell in, and as I was shaking the guitar, a fucking spider fell out. I almost pissed myself.

Open book tests kind of defeat the purpose, amirite?
Max Bemis of Say Anything is a musical genius. amirite?
@FlipFlopsAndSocks I'm jealous you get to see them in concert. He's an amazing poet and in my top three favorite artists.

he is my absolute favorite. so talented, inspirational, and so dedicated. the effort he makes to connect with and communicate with his fans is spectacular. not to mention every song he writes is golden. he is just a wonderful man =] his wife sherri is a very lucky lady! and i've seen him three times in the past year! =D

Truth is, nothing is beautiful about skin and bones. Curvy is beautiful. amirite?

that was offensive to skinny girls. what if the opposite was said? shit would go down!

Max Bemis of Say Anything is a musical genius. amirite?
@His lyrics are so crazy it's relatable! I love them

(Tru.light): i get to go see him in concert tomorrow... i might faint! haha

the price is right is like half the reason i stay at home from school some days

The general rule for buying generic-brand products is to never buy generic for anything that you stick inside you, amirite?

tampons and....?

Everyone has that movie where you can pretty much quote every word. amirite?
It's pretty interesting how they don't really care about house points in the second through sixth movies of Harry Potter, amirite?