It's weird to think that you never really touch anyone, or anything because the electrons around the atoms of your body repel against the electrons of everything else. amirite?

Penn State tried telling that to the police, but that didn't work.

There's at least one body part that you just find generally unattractive, amirite?


If you were in a room with Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, and Justin Bieber and had a gun with two bullets, you's shoot Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein because you're not a douche that wishes death on innocent people, amirite?

I would actually shoot Toby.

If it's okay to have fear when we see a Muslim on a plane, then it should be okay to have fear if we see a Conservative on a boat headed towards an island. Amirite?
@Yes it does.

Then we can't say what isn't irrational, then.

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Whenever you walk in to the doctors, and they ask you whats wrong, you immediately turn to your mom and she explains, amirite?
@I'm the mom and I also do this.

I think you guys are all the same person.

What kind of people actually go on YouTube and click the dislike button? If you don't like the video, simply don't watch it. amirite?

^^ Yeah, wth man. "If you don't like certain people, just don't meet them!"

In the Spongebob movie he says he has 374 employee of the month awards. If you multiply it by the number of months in a year it shows he has been working there for 31 years. If he started the job at age 16 he would be 47 years old. Kinda creepy, amirite?

There are more months in a year at the bottom of the ocean.