About me.

~I'm a Senior
~Biggg history buff here
~I live in sunny southern California
~I've always wanted to travel outside of the country
~I'm a Christian(although I don't go to church, so I might- no, most likely- wont know many events in detail that occur in the Bible)
~I play soccer(hence, emilysoccer2)
~I don't have a Facebook (shocking?)
~My dream school is either UCLA or Stanford(ohhh yeahhh...)
~I would love to be a nurse anesthetist when I'm older
~I am known for highly romanticizing the future
~I love inside jokes
~I'm a movie junkie (movie with Ryan Reynolds? I'm there!)
~I have a golden retriever named Rusty
~My favorite meal of the day is breakfast :)
~ amirite.net is my favorite website!