Dudes, before you make her too angry, remember, females have more experience cleaning up blood stains, amirite?
@Ah shit, more period jokes.

Bloody hell, more period jokes.

There should be only one World's Greatest Dad shirt. And you should have to kill the previous owner to wear it. amirite?
Straight people: girls- sometimes you see a gey guy whos cute but gey so it's suck. guys- sometimes you see a gey guy whos cute but gey and your straight so it also sucks. amirite?
Most gay guys are totally awesome but a lot of lesbians are really creepy. amirite?

What the fuck is this? I bet this was written by one of those girls who wants to have a "gay best friend" but thinks that all lesbians are attracted to her.

(√-1) (23) Σ (inverse cos(-1)), and it was good, amirite?

I really wanted this to say "I just had sex"

Can someone figure out how to write that in maths?

You don't like the new CEO in The Office, amirite?

At first I thought this was referring to the new regional manager, and I got really angry.


It seems like everyone can have pride in their race, unless they're white. Then it's racist, amirite?

I always wondered why there was only a Asian Club and African American Club at my high school, and what the administration would say if I proposed a "European Heritage Society."

Even though puppies are as cute as can be; they are a pain in the ass at times when you constantly have clean up after them when they go to the bathroom in the house/chew up something valuable, amirite?

It sucks that they're not as cute in the futer :/

Slytherin should've won the House Cup in Sorcerer's Stone, amirite?
@528491 That was kind of a bitch move for Dumbledore to award the points last minute like that.

Yeah, seriously. They were already celebrating, and then he's just like PSYCH GRYFFINDOR WINS

Why is the ideas that Greek mythology held any less believable than those in which have become the dominant in society today? amirite?
@Domino my swim coach believes in Greek mythology :3

What is the emoticon supposed to be? A guy with balls in his mouth? A walrus?

I bet more kisses begin with Bud Light than Kay, amirite?

And every future president begins with AT&T

Why test on animals when we've got pedophiles in prison? Amirite?
@EmptyMelodies The problem with the death penalty is that they rarely carry though with it. I'm just saying that if punishments...

That is one of the shittiest ideas I may have ever heard. Are we living in fucking medieval times? I think we've moved past violent and public punishments.

Maybe it's more likely to work, but I don't think any one deserves to be tortured or killed, even if they are a pedophile / repeat offender.

This view comes out of my trust in humanity, as well as my belief that the .01% of people who didn't commit the crime they're accused of (number is by no means accurate) shouldn't have to be subjected to physical torture.

Why test on animals when we've got pedophiles in prison? Amirite?
if you don't know when "CINCO de MAYO" is, you need to take a long, hard look in the mirror, amirite?

Cinco de Mayo is my face?

<a href="http://5iphon.com/?ref=605" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">5iphon.com/?ref=605</a> is a free way to build a mailing list. amirite?

A trustworthy website is one that has a "are you sure you want to exit this page?" popup whenever you try to x out.