About me.

This is hilarious: http://ctrlv.in/30479

Edward_FINNA is my favorite sophomore, our intellectual conversations are unfathomable.

Zebulon Spike Lauren Moose Melissa Utter the Third

Hey, my names Adam and i want to ride bicycles with you all day. I usually have nothing to say, in fact, i'm just bullshitting my way through this right now! :D I'm 18 years old, I was born on May 31st 1994, which also makes me a Gemeni, so if you're two faced bitch like me, hit a nigga up! i was born and raised in California, I moved to Yemen in 2007 and then to Dubai in 2008, Then i moved back to the US in 2010, and i currently live in Dallas, TX. I don't like it here as much as i liked it in California, I thought people would have strong southern accents and walk around with bull-whips and cattle, but people here are quite normal actually, except for the flying guinea pigs. I'm president of Theology club (Religious Studies). I'm both an AP Spanish and AP French student this year. I run Cross-Country and Track.I speak 4 languages(English,Spanish,French and Arabic). I'm also starting to learn Italian. I play the Piano. Oh and i'm a Gangster.

I designed this Amirite logo(Portals FTW): http://ctrlv.in/31136

Heres a video of me playing the piano if you're curious :P

**I created the AmiJew?</B>

I totally made a Charlie the Unicorn video as a final project in Animation class last year and Aced that shit ;)

Some Random Facts About Myself:

I have a vein in the shape of a heart on my right hand wrist

You can trust me with your biggest secret and i would never tell anyone....EVER.

I've never ever smoked, had a drink or did drugs, and i never will.

My favorite color is blue.

I'm allergic to Watermelons and Bananas. FML

I'm Arabian,Turkish and Persian. Exotic? hello smilie

I'm a fast learner

If i hate you, you must REALLY be stupid.

I have a douche-list

I used to have a cat named floofy when i was younger, she was my best friend, she died. :(

I love learning Languages with a passion. Teach me yours?

I got last minute tickets to see Bruno Mars front row, 1 hour before the show started and the concert was 30 minutes away.........I went still ;) Heres a vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AoN0tEDGsCI

I almost got hit in the face by the Jonas brothers back in 2007, i was walking and they opened the backstage door and almost hit me, they apologized though! ha (Im not a fan, i went to the concert with my sisters) Heres another video i took: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQzMGZKGtvA

I got to see Maroon 5 and One Republic ;)

I got to lift Janelle Monae up when she stage dived at a concert ;) haa

Justin Biebers a fag.

This is my favorite YouTube Video as of now:

This is the most touching song i've ever listened to:

Favorite Bands: Billy Talent, The Cataracs, Dev, Maroon 5, Bombay Bicycle Club, The Kooks and Neon Trees.

Update July 7th 2011:
Alright so, i was brushing my teeth one night, and i thought to myself "why don't i know more people on Amirite than i already know? i mean, i have no limit, right?", so i decided to create the EPIC(Every Person Is Cool) challenge, the idea is simple, 100 Amiwriters,100 friend requests,100 bios to read,100 messages to write. Everyone thought it was impossible but i clearly did it :) It was a Thursday afternoon and i had nothing to do, so i chose 100 amiwriters at random, i read all their bios and wrote them a personal message :) I LOVE YOU ALL!

Heres a picture of all the peoples usernames who were a part of my project :)
** http://i53.tinypic.com/nohqjc.jpg **

Favorite Amiwriters: (Updated Regulary)

*Nonsense_Narwhal(B& because she's too cool, I love her): she's my best formspring bud and one of my first friends on Amirite :)

*ThatOneNut: is an intelligent ninja like amiwriter that can give you a rational logical scientific explanation for just about anything.

*FlyingGuineaPig: is the awesomest and her posts are just as awesome as her...

*LilLuvYall: is MY FAVORITE, simply because her birthday is on May 31st 1994, which is my birthday, and ive never met anyone with my birthday, in the history of ever. :o

*Moosetache: Her,Melissa,Jordanna,Russell and I are going pillow fighting atop the golden gate bridge one day.

*glassJAw: IS my lover because she reminds me of adele, slightly. plus her hipster music is actually AWESOME

*Vex: and I love to bother cats with laser beams, it's no coincidence. ;D