About me.

I like hikes on the beach, but a floral meadow would also be alright.

I listen to music full blast and don't care about my hearing 30 years from now.

I drink milk out of the carton and pretend that that is rebellious.

I cough offensively when someone lights a cigarette.

I dig rainy days because they make me sad in a way I like.

I read books until i fall asleep.

I put on sock-sock shoe-shoe because I think its luckier.

I enjoy simple things like just the right cream in my coffee or a exceptionally beautiful sunset.

I would love to have my hair pink or blue, but dont have the guts.

I love to write short stories.

I cant go a day without music. literally.

I sing randomly. It just happens.

And if you are reading this, you probably dont have a life. (although im one to talk since i wrote the dang thing...)