Fortnite has ruined video gaming forever, amirite?


Fortnite has ruined video gaming forever, amirite?
@Equillibrium have you met tallkid? You post alike.

I saw it and its a damn Outrage because I posted mine first! You tell him that I demand an apology for this god dam Plagiarization!!!

Fortnite has ruined video gaming forever, amirite?
@TAST How?

Well the monstrosity of infamy known as fortnite has accumulated too much attention and has ruined the balance of competition within the gaming industry due to its overrated nature. It has only received a substantial amount of players because of it being free and and what was supposed to be a short lived upsurge of popularity, it is still a cancer to society to this day despite it being FUCKING TRASH

Nicholas Cage is to action movies what Adam Sandler is to comedies. amirite?

At least Cage was able to make some pretty good memes.

Not exactly sure which chronological timeline you take residence in but by my knowledge, along with anyone else with a brain, The withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union already occurred prior to the current President in office was juridically charged with impeachment

There aren't as many freak shows as there used to be, amirite?

Are you sure about that? I mean just spend 10 seconds in the shithole town that i'm in and you'll immediately think otherwise.

The brain may have named itself, but it also recognized that it named itself and was surprised when it realized that. amirite?

Well now the brains Surprised that its surprised that it realized it named itself, so big f***ing deal

Noe is Noel with no el. amirite?

How much will an Equillibrium Brium if an Equill Will Brium?

My mug is so mean that it makes you wonder who the f*** I am, amirite?
@Toounknown Your the accumulation of life experience...its amazing you dont look like a pile of shit

Well at least I don't look like someone who never achieves Equillibrium like you. It certainly appears to me that you are intellectually retarded and can't complete simple tasks but it also seems like got yourself a break since I will forgive you if you revert to the agreed upon terms of our deal and apologize to me

I notice your lack of intellect on this inquiry, And for that I demand an apology

Between Hungry Hungry Hippos and the House Hippo, the hippo is possibly the most misrepresented animal in history. amirite?

No, the Eight Male Lions are. People get this idea of them eating Buffalos alive when in reality they go for the Jugular THEN they eat buffalos alive!

Eating chicken is the closest we'll ever come to knowing how dinosaurs tasted. amirite?

I notice your implication of domesticated fowls being a relative of the Dinosauria family however I must specify that the only interconnection within the two species are that they belong to the phylum of cordata as opposed to their respective families as Chickens are an affiliate of the Avian classification, Which Dinosaurs incontestably aren't, and belong to the family of Phasianidae so I can assuredly conclude that your statement of Chickens being biologically identical to Dinosaurs is BULLLLLLL-SHIT

no one thinks this is ok, amirite?

Woah they went pretty overboard with this one i'd say

Potatoes get a bad rap by being associated with laziness and ineptitude, but they're basically the same as all other vegetables in those regards, amirite?

Based of my observation of the domestic vegetable it attains an unprepossessing appearance so it is sufficiently acceptable to associate it with intermittent laziness.

Equillibrium is achieved by applying Equalization of an extra dosage of Equillibrium, amirite?
@unknowncondition what happens after equilibrium

The next order of business is to set the Brake to start the Healing. The catalyzing event to facilitate that is the eradication of the Hilltop. It will be a Monument of compliance!