About me.

Who am I?
Good question since I don't even know the answer, but I guess I'll give you what I know:
I'm the girl that hides behind long bangs and a cold expression. The one that sits in the back of the class to avoid being asked questions. Try talking to me; I don't bite. Although i may not appear to be nice, I really am. I have a sensetive heart and unfortunatly get hurt a lot because of it. Listening to music is my thing. The lyrics really speak to me, and I'm not talking about those stupid-poppy-shallow-taylor-swift-lyrics. I'm talking about the deep stuff. Like Mayday Parade, Blessthefall and Underoath. Don't agree with me? Fine. So be it, but to me those are the songs with feeling. I also enjoy writing. It helps me create a world besides this one where I say whatever and do whatever. Thats pretty much it, and kudos to those of you who took the time to read this.

I would really like a pet hedgehog

And if you care, here are my favorite bands:
1. Underoath 2. Escape the Fate 3. I See Stars 4. Mayday Parade 5. Disco Curtis 6. All Time Low 7. Flyleaf 8. Paramore 9. A Rocket To The Moon 10. The Almost 11. Pierce The Veil 12. Silverstein 13. Boys Like Girls 14. Anberlin 16. Hit The Lights 17. Linkin Park 18. Blessthefall 19. A Change of Pace 20. Cobra Starship 21. A Day To Remember 22. The Maine 23. Senses Fail 24. Relient K 25. Skillet 26. The Summer Set 27. 3OH!3 28. Hawthorne Heights 29. Amely 30. Asking Alexandria 31. The Word Alive 32. Alesana 33. Stephen Jerzak 34. Bring Me The Horizon 35. Attack Attack! 36. Emarosa 37. Motionless In White 38. Ten After Two 39. Scarlett O'Hara 40. The Ready Set 41. My Ticket Home 42. For All Those Sleeping