Society doesn't need lawyers as laws are man made, amirite?
@ChootinNPootin This doesn't make any sense

I am saying lawyers are BS jobs that exist because humans arbitrarily created laws

Everything you lose is technically gone before you know it. amirite?
if a draft we're to happen in the next 10-15 years, lots of casualties will end up getting danced on IRL, due to this generation growing up playing a certain game that shall not be named, amirite?
Physically speaking, a person is what they need: eyes to see, a mouth to eat, hands to grab, legs to walk and so on. amirite?
@so the so on is an arse to crap out of, meaning we are just crap makers

The so on is everything else that wouldn't look good in the title because it would be too long

Noe is Noel with no el. amirite?
@It would have been better if you put "No is just noel with no el". Or just put "Noe is noel with no l".

"el" is how you spell the letter, "L"
...anyhoo, these ideas are good, but really, 'Noel' has an el in it so Noel is a LIE!

The internet is an eternal journal, and we are chapter one, amirite?
@moisawesome Ehhh more like chapter 3

Not for your great-great-great grandkid's essay on internet ancestry

unless you left a trail to the dial-up days...

1% of your phone battery lasts 4.8 minutes, amirite?