I'm a thirteen-year-old girl. It's fine that I don't want or have Facebook, and my friends should stop bugging me about it, amirite?

It's fine, but it's generally an easy way to get in contact with people who you want to make plans with or find out homework from. I think it's easier just to put up a status saying "Does anyone know what the precal homework is?" than to email everyone who might know and might get online before I need to know.

Abstainers: you don't look down upon people who are responsible and use birth control, amirite?

I don't look down on anyone who's having sex. It's their decision, just like choosing not to is my choice.

You feel accomplished when you finish a game of monopoly, amirite?

The only time I finished a game of monopoly was during the week of standardized testing when my grade wasn't taking any tests. We were in the same classroom for five hours, and we got through two whole games of monopoly.

Kurt is your least favorite character on Glee, amirite?

I hate Quinn, and in this season, I HATE Mercedes. Jesus, she needs to calm down a bit.

The best vegetarians are the ones that accept the fact that other people eat meat, and don't have a problem with it. amirite?
@Frank_n_Furter People give other people crap for not eating meat? WTF why? I WISH I was cool enough to be a vegetarian.

Yeah, I get crap ALL the time for being vegetarian, and I live in an incredibly liberal city with a ton of vegetarians. Two guys in my tech theater class have told me that they're going to go out and shoot some deer for me and make me eat it. People used to (before I yelled at them enough) shove meat and in my face and say stuff like, "WOW, meat is so good, Mayrose. Does this bug you?" No shit, it bugs me.

It's disgusting when someone speaks with their mouth full, but when you do that it's perfectly fine, amirite?

I always cover my mouth if I'm talking with any bit of food in it.

The best vegetarians are the ones that accept the fact that other people eat meat, and don't have a problem with it. amirite?

I hate it when people give me crap for not eating meat (and it happens way to often), so I'd never make comments about other people eating meat. Mainly because I don't care what they do, but it's a person decision. Anyone who thinks they can change that is just obnoxious.

You wish you could slap the most popular girl in school but don't want to get makeup all over your hands, amirite?

Most of the popular girls are nice enough to me. I only talk to them when I have to, but when I do, they're generally nice.

Don't take anybody's advice when it starts with "If I were you..." because, guess what. They're not you, amirite?

You're right, obviously someone's advice is automatically invalid because they were saying what they would do if they were in your situation.

You know, you can have the same problem solving solution as someone else.

ducks should say swag swag instead of quack quack because if you buy one in the morning when you are getting ready you could be like how do i look duck? and it would say swag swag, amirite?

The pure absurdity of this post is making me laugh way more than I normally do at anything on the internet.

However, I hate the word swag. My school has a gigantic "SWAGGER" poster in the gym, my class's motto or whatever is "C14SSY SWAG", the freshman call themselves the "Swaguars" and like half the people in my grade feel the need to say swag excessively. It's a really effing stupid word.

You hate it when you're told that you look like one of your parents, and you don't think that parent is good-looking, amirite?

People always say I look like my dad, and barely anything like my mom. Which always makes me super sad because my mom was a model in her 20's and pretty hot. But unfortunately, I have the same face structure as my dad and I hate it.

Well I'd hope so... I'd never act the same around my teachers and parents as I would my friends and boyfriend. And even within groups of friends, people have different personalities and some are more sensitive so you can't joke around with them as much, some are crazy conservative or crazy liberal, etc.

When you were younger, you said that you would absolutely never drink or smoke, amirite?

I'll probably drink eventually, when I'm in places where it's expected of me to drink and things are more fun with alcohol, once I'm 21.

But I'm never, ever, ever smoking. That shit is disgusting.

You have at least one friend on Facebook that you don't know at all, but you added them (or they added you) because you have the same first and last name, amirite?

My name is Mayrose, which is pretty damn uncommon. So no. I probably would though if anyone else had my name.

You thought Lizzie McGuire was so old when you watched that show and now you realize she was only in 8th grade, amirite?

I thought she was young even when I was watching the show in elementary school, since she looked older than 13/14.