Just curious, if I go to another country, I expect everyone to speak the language and I would expect to speak the language of that country. So why do a lot of people from other countries come to the US and want us to change to their language?

YES!!!! Thankyou!!

It's kinda gross to think about the fact that food is rotting in your mouth when you don't brush your teeth, amirite?

Excuse me while I go brush my teeth now.

There is an up-vote button, a down-vote button, and a "love" button, where is the button for that one particular comment is just LOATHSOME, so you can openly say that you "hate" it, amirite?
There is no good reason that my boyfriend has to hang out with his female friend alone without me. I mean there is no acceptable reason I can't come along if nothing is truly going on, amirite?

With an attitude such as yours, you better feel lucky he hasn't broken up with you first. No one, I mean NO ONE wants a controlling, high maintenance, untrusting, childish, clingy, melodramatic, bitchy, psyco-maniac type girlfriend. Which is exactly how you sound.

People who don't know how to spell "definitely" deserve to be kicked in the face. amirite?

I have trouble spelling definitely and unfourtunetly but that doesn't mean I'm an idiot who can't spell.

If Kristen Stewart can lose her job, risk losing her entire career, fanbase, and respect over cheating on her boyfriend, the fact that Chris Brown is still acknowledged and celebrated is a fucking crime. If you want a prime example of women’s inequality in the media, there it is. amirite?

I'm not entirely buying the whole gender inequality thing but Chris Brown is a monster who should have had his career ruined and belongs behind bars.

It's really creepy and kinda scary how pageant makeup can make a 5 year old look 25, amirite?

I think her facial expression is so creepy. She looks so sad. :(

Accents are always attractive, amirite?

I think "always" is a very strong word...

You feel like the laws in your country are too restrictive, amirite?

Don't they do that in most of Africa?

Boys are like ice cream, you have to lick them really fast or else they'll get soft. amirite?


Jessie J performing with Queen last night at the closing ceremonies was a DISGRACE, amirite?

Personally I find that Jessie J is amazing :) and her voice is breathtaking. Sit down and shut up :)

Why do some people not flush the toilet. Seriously what is so hard about pushing a handle, amirite?

Well, if I go at night I don't want to make that much noise! The sound of a flushing toliet is SO FUCKING LOUD!

Because of Gilmore Girls, it's easy to mix up which one is Dean on Supernatural, amirite?
@Juliaface Yes I have this problem so much

I'm so glad! I was beginning to think that I was crazy cause no one understood what I was talking about!

I guess to be the top song on the radio you have to overuse the word "tonight", amirite?

Except for Lady Gaga. :)

It's very misleading when someone's stage name sounds like it would be their real name, but it isn't. (i.e. Sean Kingston, Nicki Minaj, Jay Sean etc.) amirite?