It is really funny how Americans use the term fanny as a synonym for their butts, but then wear "fanny packs" in the front, right above what a British person would call a fanny. Amirite?
@Egotistical I don't think I've ever heard an american use fanny to mean butt.

That's weird, its pretty common slang. It's defined as both on online dictionaries, but I've grown up hearing fanny being used, like "sit down on your fanny."

I think the worst superpower would be the ability to see air, amirite?

Anyone here a, Misfits fan... What about lacto•kinesis? The ability to control dairy products.

Perhaps its better that teachers aren't paid well. The last thing our educational system needs are teachers that are only in it for the money. amirite?
@boxtop If you have a passion for teaching but pass it up because of the pay, you don't have a passion for teaching. A...

So do you think that currently all teachers teach because they have a passion for it? I think not, that fact that it is so easy to get tenure and so hard to get fired once tenured because is the unions, there are a lot of bad/lazy treasurers.

And by that same logic why not pay doctors very little so that only those with a passion will become doctors. Then we can get rid of all those bad doctors only doing it for the money....

By making teaching a more competitive field, we, as a society can benefit.

Brunch is the most YOLO of all the meals. You can eat it anywhere from midmorning to early afternoon, and you can combine foods from all the other meals together. Hmmm, I feel like eating a waffle, then a nice thick slice of prime rib followed by some cake and thats just for my first trip down the buffet line. Amirite?
@mNmL0ver14 I don't think OP knows that YOLO means You Only Live Once...

Oh, I thought it meant yuppies or lovers only, as in the only people that go to brunch are yuppies and couples.

When you draw pictures using your computer, it looks like you're in elementary school again, amirite?
You hate it when you order Diet Coke and they give you Diet Meth instead, amirite?

I know right, I hate it when you order your diet coke and they ask if diet meth is ok because they dont serve coke... It's like no they're not the same

Neil Patrick Harris would make a great spokesperson for a suit store, amirite?

Especially if that store was called Suit Up

Butterfingers are the rejects of Halloween candy, amirite?

It's definitely Good and Plenty that you meant to say here.

If you wear glasses, you've tried to slide them up, only to remember that you're not actually wearing them at the moment, amirite?

On the rare occasions that I wear contacts I do that all the time andfeel like a total fool if anyone sees me

Sometimes, the best songs are the ones that nobody else has ever heard of and that aren't played on the radio, amirite?

Said the hipster

Its stupid when people order a large drink instead of a medium when the refills are free, amirite?
@rilara Where do you live? It's only a small for a dollar here, and a medium is about $2.

That deal is going on here in california too, so it doesn't make sense to get anything but a large.

You either :D emoticons or >:O them, there really is no : / amirite?

gah... I log on to see a post of mine has been homepage and its got to be the shittist one. Oh well, at least I'm on the homepage

lazy rule: if it falls under the bed, its gone. Forever. amirite?

I like how the rule itself is so lazy that it doesn't even have a number after it. Like fuck it... lazy people aren't counting anyways

Adulthood is when you quit taking drugs to trip out, and start taking them to feel normal, amirite?

That sounds more like addiction than adulthood

When ever you see iodized salt you're kind of tempted to eat it, but you don't cause you know you'll die, amirite?

Iodized salt won't kill you, they created it to help with iodine deficiency, which can cause mental retardation. Most the table salt you can buy is iodized. I think silvershaow6 is right, maybe you meant silica gel.