People should not enter their sons in beauty pageants, amirite?
HTC makes the best phones, amirite?
Your hate it when you put on a shirt that is too sheer to wear alone, but the style of the shirt would look weird if your wore something under it. amirite?
@That's when you wear a bandeau..

ahh, the dreaded 2 dot ending, was it meant to be a period or was it meant to be an ellipse... the world may never know.

But, anyways, then you would still be able to see your stomach and I would be a little uncomfortable with that depending on the situation.

You're not looking forward to Friday anymore, amirite?

Are you kidding... we we we so excited, we so excited.

When ever you see iodized salt you're kind of tempted to eat it, but you don't cause you know you'll die, amirite?

Iodized salt won't kill you, they created it to help with iodine deficiency, which can cause mental retardation. Most the table salt you can buy is iodized. I think silvershaow6 is right, maybe you meant silica gel.

Someone should invent a hair removal product, and name it "Hairy Houdini". amirite?

shit, and I usually use my hair removal products to make it grow faster...

"Come up with a word problem that represents the following equation: 12y=60" is too easy of a question to put on standerdized tests for 7th grade, amirite?

If that was the hardest question on the standardized test, then yeah it's too easy. But the point of standardized tests is to get a gauge of where people are at, some one has to be in the lower percentiles and that question might be hard for them, whereas someone in the 99th percentile would find that ridiculously easy.

Darth Vader: "Luke, I know what you're getting for Christmas this year." Luke: "How could you possibly know that?!" Darth Vader: "I felt your presents.", amirite?

Darth: Because Luke, I am your father. Also there is no Santa, I bought all the presents.
Luke: Noooooooo!

Even though homosexuality is fine, it is also most definitely a defect, seeing as it doesn't populate the world with humans or animals, amirite?
@CapedCrusader Everyone who NW'd doesn't understand evolution. Evolution tries to create a species that has the best chance of...

If we continue to repopulate at the current rate our species won't have a good chance of surviving. Evolution is not all about everyone populating our species, its about having the right size population for our resources. Same goes for any other animal, too much of a species and they will over consume their resources and start to die off.

Psychopathic serial killers were born that way too, and nobody tells them to go do what feels right, amirite?

You can do whatever you want as long as it doesn't impede on the rights of others, killing someone definitely impedes on someones rights, whereas it can be debated that, say, me doing drugs in my own private home doesn't. And being gay doesn't impede on anyone's rights, but asking someone to not be who they are does. You are allowed to be a psychopath, you just can't go around killing people.

Neil Patrick Harris would make a great spokesperson for a suit store, amirite?

Especially if that store was called Suit Up

Some are saying the first person to live to 1,000 will be born in the next 20 years. This is a little unsettling. amirite?
@Kristen I don't see how this is unsettling

Our planet is already over populated, imagine if people were living to 1000, there is no way we could sustain that.

There are days where you just don't WANT to run the mile for P.E, amirite?
@craazy Are you suggesting there are days when we actually want to run it?

that's exactly what I was gonna say. Who WANTS to run the mile except for the track kids?

Why do they make tampon and pad wrappers so colorful? Like really, people don't need to see that I'm carrying around my "femine products", amirite?

Question 2: why do they make the wrappers so loud? Does everyone need to hear that I'm opening a pad/tampon?

Butterfingers are the rejects of Halloween candy, amirite?

It's definitely Good and Plenty that you meant to say here.