About me.

My old "About You" thingy was extremely inaccurate, so, considering the fact that I am procrastinating for my finals...I decided to go ahead and write a new thingy.

Heeeey ho! I just recently turned eighteen and I am in my freshman year of college. I am originally Puertorican, so moving to a cold place here in the states was...interesting.

AND let me clarify once again, for those stereotypical creatures out there--> No, Puertoricans are nat gansta hoes who taw lyk dis all de taim. I am very much educated, thank you. We're cool people :D and nice, and smart and hilarious and just plain awesome.
I miss the Caribbean, but I LOVE COLLEGE LIFE. A LOT. GO JUMBOS (jeje hint)

Um..wow. I love gummy worms ,and tomatoes, and not writing history papers, or studying for my elementary french class. And, yeah.

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Henry VIII is an asshole. So lyk, totes chat meh. No but seriously, do.

Au revoir! Adiós! Bye.