You've never cried while reading a book. amirite?

The boy in striped pajamas. Holy shit that books so sad.

What's the difference between 9/11 and Friends? Friends wasn't as funny after 10 years, amirite?

It takes 22.3 years for something tragic to become funny.

you like those cute little and nice dogs, but you hate those big dogs that always bark at you and chase you around, amirite?

Little dogs are ugly and annoying.

what's worse than having a giant pimple? having someone point it out, amirite?

What's worse than having a giant pimple? Aids.

Michael Cera needs to stop being in every movie I see, amirite?

I love Michael Cera.

That feeling of panic when you get your finger stuck somewhere is one of the worst, and the sense of relief that rushes over you when you get your finger out is one of the best, amirite?

Once I got my arm stuck inbetween two movie theater chairs, took me the whole harry potter movie to get it out. I was so stoked when I did though.

Everyone wants to visit Hawaii for vacation but the people living there can't wait to get off the damn islands, amirite?

I loved living there.

Illinois is the best state in the US, (i mean we have chicago), amirite?

Hawaii, California, and Oregon are the best.

I totally have the right to be irritated if a guy sticks his penis in my face, amirite?

How else is a guy supposed to tell you he likes you?

Dogs: Roses are gray, and Violets are Gray, amirite?

Dogs are green-blind which is one form of red-green color blindness also called deuteranopia. So they see the world in yellow, blue, and gray. With some brown/black/white. To them roses (I assume you're referring to red roses) would appear to be more black and violets would be a darker blue.

People with piercings; you get sad when you have to retire a piercing, especially if it is one of your favorites. amirite?

I miss my lip ring :(

It sucks when your boyfriend/girlfriend leaves you for your obsession with Linkin Park. But in the end, it doesn't even matter. Amirite?
Harry Potter pick-up lines are the best kind, amirite?

I might be a dementor, but souls arent the only thing I suck.

The best place to watch a scary movie is on the toilet, so that if you get really scared and pee yourself, its ok. amirite?

I don't piss myself when I watch horror movies.

The reason why you won't get a tattoo is the same reason why you wouldn't put a bumper sticker on a Lamborghini, amirite?

Tattoos aren't bad.