About me.

My name is Victor. My username is fatty, because, well, I'm Fat :) Not that I don't understand the health risks and all, but to put it simply I am a large person, and for now, I don't really mind. I don't even mind being identified as such.

So yeah. I love music, most of it. Few exceptions of course. Mostly just rap and dubstep (and related genres). I don't hate all of those songs either, just in general don't like the genres. Favorite genre is probably straight up rock, like Foo Fighters, The strokes, Boston, Etc. I don't hate country. It's very based in rock, and gives a lot of modern music the successful elements it has, even though people refuse to admit. I honestly don't understand the hate. Simple meanings, solid instrumentals, talented vocalists. It's also one of the genres that's the easiest to efficiently recreate live and keep studio quality.

I'm only 19, and I work as a cart pusher at wal-mart. I hate it, but it's a job, and no less. So I can't complain too much. I still live with my parents, but standards are different today then they used to be. So it's not like I don't want to move out, but I work a minimum wage job, and rent is never cheap. So College, a career, and self sustained life are priority goals, I'm not going to rush anything.

I'm a catholic, but I'm not going to argue with anyone. A good half of my friends are atheists, and I'm not bragging, I'm just making sure you know, that I don't really care that much about religion. I believe some higher power is there, but the bible is kind of sketchy in my opinion. I also refuse to shove my belief down anyone's throats. Throats are wet.

I don't believe I belong to a social stereotype, but if you feel that I do in any way, sure, whatever floats your boat. A stereotype can work as a category, and some people follow them rather closely, but in the end I don't believe there are that many people who can't think for themselves to at least a reasonable extent. There's a difference between following willingly, and blindly. To think otherwise seems arrogant to me.

I loved school, and it's not because of my "omg great frendz", even though I do love my friends. Education is satisfying, (even with less functional knowledge) I'm not going to lie. Knowing more, is the same as having more money. Knowledge is a great tool in attaining the things you want. Even then, I know I'm not a genius. I think myself a smart individual, maybe even smarter then average, but by no means better then anyone else. Books are a great source of entertainment, if you know how to use them right. I don't like all books, but everything is literature. If it's written in a book for the purpose of being read, it is literature. Yes, even twilight. Although I don't like that particular literature. Bad Food isn't "not food" Know what I mean? Same with music.

I can be grammar and spelling Nazi, but so can everyone. Some misspellings simply bother me, but I don't call everyone out on everything. Only if it really does change up the meaning of the sentence, or lead to a misunderstanding. If I know what you meant, I won't bother you about it. Just please don't be lazy on small words like "you" and "too" :C

I love videogames, but that's not uncommon I know. I only dislike sports games, mostly because I suck at them. I also think the purpose is a bit defeated, but hey, maybe it isn't. Sports are for fun. games are for fun. Works right? Same with music games, and so on. Most of what I play is rock band 3, borderlands, GH:WOR, Halo Reach, and Soul calibur 4. I'll play a lot of other games, but those are the main things I play. Also SSMB Brawl :) Amazing game.

What else. Just a few more things.
I love My Little Pony: Friendship is magic. Lauren faust is a beast, and I loved PPG and Fosters home. You cannot change this, but if you'd like to hate me for it, I guess do what you want, :\ The only reason I felt mentioning that I was a brony is because it seems like a rather hot button issue these days, so I guess my stance may be questioned at one point or another, so I'll tell you now :P
Favorite Food Is bacon. It's just, everything. Can't resist it.
Favorite artists is Serj Tankian/System of a Down, and my favorite song is Holy Mountains. I Highly Recommend you listen to the bands Children of Nova, and Nothing more, as they deserve more fame/attention they they have. I also love animals of course. Mainly rodents, as they make easy to maintain pets (except for chinchillas, fragile bastards. But hey the roll in dust to bathe. Fucking awesome. Wish I had some) Ferrets too. Fish are the only things I don't bother with. They look cool, but the upkeep is kind of boring IMO. Playing with them isn't so easy either , because I'm not aquaman. At the moment I have two german shepherds, cutest little (big actually) derps. Used to have other pets, but good things come and good things go.

I think I've run out of stuff to add, and this bio is far more then long enough. So that's all then. In case you're wondering.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheBrotherBull
Email: sinneblade@yahoo.com (or gmail)
I have a google+ I don't know how to invite people, but give me your email and instructions, and I'll be glad to :)
Skype: sinneblade1
DevArt (it's been a long time since I've touched it though): http://sinne-blade.deviantart.com/

I'm not the kind of person to just add people for the heck of adding people on anything (except for DevArt, because it's more for meeting new artists/art appreciators then for just conversing with who you already know) so I'd have to know you to some extent beforehand. At least have a basic grasp of what you're like. I never want to have something in my news feed/chat from a person I simply don't know at all.