Committing suicide is a 6 step process. Step 1: Find a cliff... now take 5 more steps, amirite?
@HelloHowLow What if the cliff you find is more than five steps away?

Well then the process just got longer and that's god's way of telling you to not kill yourself

Girls: sometimes you have one of those poops where at the end all you can think is "oh my god, i hope giving birth doesn't hurt that bad.", amirite?

Like us guys don't think the same thing? "oh shit is this what girls have to go through?"

If you pee with your penis, it's logical to call what you use to poo, your poonis, amirite?
@pb55020 Girls poop from their vagina?

Yeah u didn't know that? Lmao what a virgin

In an all girls school, why do girls wear their skirts so short? Amirite?

So they can make guys fantasize about how an all girls school is

you have a love for at least one typically hated smells (sharpies, car exhaust, nail polish remover, etc) amirite?

I LOVE the smell of cocaine.. Eeh

If you think about it, any movie title could sound sexual, amirite?

Star Whores.. damn I found one that ISNT nasty

It's a great feeling when you get to use your own name as your Username, amirite?
@SpongebobNinja Did you seriously change your username for the sake of my comment?

No.. I jst made a random fake holly name for the sake of the post, it was pure coincidence that it was the same..

You hate when someone says "but, however", amirite?

But, however you look at it it's not that annoying

Pretty > Sexy, amirite?

Sexy < Beautiful > Pretty

If you pretend to shake salt into your mouth, you can actually taste the salt, amirite?

Damn you got me you little prick

They should make condoms that change color when they come in contact with STD's, amirite?

Thank you my fellow sir, I think Trojan should get started on this right away

Whatever you do in life, always give 100%... unless you're donating blood, amirite?
You want to get back with your ex for one last angerbang, amirite?

Sounds like a good name for an iPhone game

girls: you like those awesome nail polish patterns and creative stuff but sometimes you run out of ideas or just cant get it right, amirite?

This is AMIRITE not Facebook -__-

They should make condoms that change color when they come in contact with STD's, amirite?

.. And this is where Google comes into play