About me.

Well hello there. I am fieldhockeychick. Welcome to my ABOUT ME.

Awesome people on this site:
-ilikefurrywolves4815(A.k.a. Wolfy)
-EmilyPrentiss0310("We have our own level of coolness")
-Run_The_Pacific (We are seriously twins separated at birth, I swear)

goodtime: My instagram buddy, and my closest online friend. she is amazing and funny and so nice. and I accidentally deleted her thing on this a while ago, and I'm SORRY for waiting to add it until now, I'm way too lazy..

hdoglemi: is awesome. She is the weirdest and funniest person you will ever meet.

voldemort111: is the coolest person I know. we go on walks where we brainstorm how to control the world and ahem certain people's minds. we intend to eventually put these plans into action.

crazychick279: another irl friend. goo smilie she is insane and beautiful. cue hairbrush attack

pikapikagirl13: IRL FRIEND. we are stalker buddies. and we obsess. goo smilie she is amazing and I am gonna miss her this year (cry2)

robotgamer: The first irl friend that I convinced to make an account on this site. He's pretty darn cool. We have debates. I win 99.9% of the time. But he will never admit it. legit. cool smilie

erikg628: another irl friend. he's my bEsT fRiEnD. not best friend. bEsT fRiEnD. cool smilie he reminds me of ron weasley. but he doesnt have red hair, unfortunately.

mexicantaco22: l smilie I know her in the real world!! she's the bomb. kaboom. she is the most afrotastic person I've ever met. Cause you've got that ONE THING. goo smilie

45 things about me:

1) I eat WAY more than I should. People say that a lot, but I am literally constantly eating. It can't be healthy.
2) I tend to go to bed late. If I'm asleep before 12, something is definitely wrong.
3) I am a vegetarian
4) I play midi in field hockey
5) I don't have a favorite season
6) My favorite color changes about every day
7) I looove The Glee Project.
8) I am a Directioner. I know you already have a stereotype in your mind, but don't judge. They have great music and seem like good people.
9) I enjoy making friendship bracelets
10) I blush all the time. It's really bad. It's hardly even blushing, my whole face will turn bright red, even if nothing that embarrassing/awkward happens
11) I LOVE harry potter
12) I loved the hunger games before it was wickedly popular and before the movie came out, which makes me feel a little bit special
13) I constantly embarrass myself. I can be extremely oblivious and I'm such a klutz.
14) I don't tan easily
15) I am a great procrastinator
16) I am an indesicive person
17) Sometimes I'm the most carefree mofo in the world, and sometimes all I do is worry worry worry.
18) I will always stand up for people who are bullied
19) Acting is really fun. I love it.
20) I love the scent of vanilla and lavender
21) I LOVE LOVE LOVE animals
22) I used to love Nutella but I don't as much any more because I overdosed on it
23) My birthday is on the 23rd of August
24) I typically don't like popular music, but once in a while there will be a catchy song that I can't help but like
25) I love folk/pop kind of music. Ingrid Michaelson, Jaymay, Regina Spektor, and Lenka are my heroes.
26) I LOVE frozen grapes goo smilie
27) I am definitely addicted to painting my nails
28) I really am bad at almost all sports
29) Carly Rae Jepsen is great. Her album Tug Of War is so much better than Call Me Maybe, I wish it was more popular.
30) I wanna be an animal activist or a special educator
31) Everyone says this, but I love music. I feel the most at ease when I'm listening to it. My headphones are my best friend.
32) Writing is really awesome, I love it
34) I skipped 33. Because I can.
35) I have a pretty bad memory. I remember a lot of little things that will never matter, but I forget the most obvious things.
36) I like cookies. Especially oreos.
37) I've always wanted to be a vegan. But I don't think I could.
38) I introduced all of my irl friends to amirite. I am soooo proud.
39) I try to keep an open mind about everything
40) I love drawing, sketching mostly. But I'm not too good.
41) I have mixed feelings about summer vacation.
42) Some people think I'm really shy, but I'm really not. Sometimes I'm quiet, but sometimes if I start talking I can't stop
43) I try not to swear a lot, but ultimately fail. I don't think it's too big of a deal, though.
44) I love rings. I just think they are adorable.
45) angry smilie: testing on animals makes me want to punch a wall
allthethings smilie: I don't even know what to say for this one
cool smilie: I will always stand up for people who are bullied
creeper smilie: I spend more time on amirite and tumblr than I'd like to admit
(cry2): I get emotional easily. I hate it, but it doesn't take much to get me teary. It can be a bit inconvenient.
d smilie: I really hate disney, besides Phineas and Ferb, of course.
dhat smilie: I don't really like candy canes
diamond smilie: I would make an awesome billionaire
emo smilie: This emoticon is basically the exact opposite of me.
foreveralone smilie: I stalk One Direction. oops.
frown smilie: I don't like most "top 40" music, despite what my one direction stalking says
goo smilie: Josh Hutcherson. Nuff said.
gst smilie: I don't nessecarily believe in ghosts, but I definitely believe in some sort of after life
h smilie: I introduced all of my friends to amirite?
hehe smilie: I think cheesey pick up line are hilarious even if they don't really work.
hello smilie: The third letter of my middle name is t. Try to guess it, I dare you.
hmm smilie: My political views are the exact opposite of yours. I promise.
jolly smilie: I looooove nature. Being surrounded by trees and just the nature makes me so happy.
l smilie: 7 is my favorite number because it has the most magical properties.
lhat smilie: Christmas is my favorite holiday
lolwut smilie: some times I talk to myself and I don't know why
love smilie: I love my friends soso much.
n smilie: when people judge other people
no smilie: sometimes I'm really lazy but if I set my mind to something, I will do it
ono smilie: hdoglemi my face when she tells people about her "guys that look like Jesus obsession"
puke smilie: MItt Romney.
smile smilie: Sometimes just the sight of certain people can make me happy
smirk smilie: I've read the Harry Potter series more than 15 times. I stopped counting at 15..
swt smilie: I never know what to say around guys I like.
troll smilie: I very rarely troll
un smilie: This is the exact look on my face when robotgamer and I debate
wary smilie: I really hate wet grass. the feeling of it on my feet... shudder
wink smilie: Tacos are my favorite thing to nom on.
y smilie: Green Party. Definitely.

If you read all of that, message me. Please. Because I love you. l smilie