About me.

Well hello there. I am fieldhockeychick. Welcome to my ABOUT ME.

Awesome people on this site:
-ilikefurrywolves4815(A.k.a. Wolfy)
-EmilyPrentiss0310("We have our own level of coolness")
-Run_The_Pacific (We are seriously twins separated at birth, I swear)

goodtime: My instagram buddy, and my closest online friend. she is amazing and funny and so nice. and I accidentally deleted her thing on this a while ago, and I'm SORRY for waiting to add it until now, I'm way too lazy..

hdoglemi: is awesome. She is the weirdest and funniest person you will ever meet.

voldemort111: is the coolest person I know. we go on walks where we brainstorm how to control the world and ahem certain people's minds. we intend to eventually put these plans into action.

crazychick279: another irl friend. (goo) she is insane and beautiful. cue hairbrush attack

pikapikagirl13: IRL FRIEND. we are stalker buddies. and we obsess. (goo) she is amazing and I am gonna miss her this year (cry2)

robotgamer: The first irl friend that I convinced to make an account on this site. He's pretty darn cool. We have debates. I win 99.9% of the time. But he will never admit it. legit. (cool)

erikg628: another irl friend. he's my bEsT fRiEnD. not best friend. bEsT fRiEnD. (cool) he reminds me of ron weasley. but he doesnt have red hair, unfortunately.

mexicantaco22: (l) I know her in the real world!! she's the bomb. kaboom. she is the most afrotastic person I've ever met. Cause you've got that ONE THING. (goo)

45 things about me:

1) I eat WAY more than I should. People say that a lot, but I am literally constantly eating. It can't be healthy.
2) I tend to go to bed late. If I'm asleep before 12, something is definitely wrong.
3) I am a vegetarian
4) I play midi in field hockey
5) I don't have a favorite season
6) My favorite color changes about every day
7) I looove The Glee Project.
8) I am a Directioner. I know you already have a stereotype in your mind, but don't judge. They have great music and seem like good people.
9) I enjoy making friendship bracelets
10) I blush all the time. It's really bad. It's hardly even blushing, my whole face will turn bright red, even if nothing that embarrassing/awkward happens
11) I LOVE harry potter
12) I loved the hunger games before it was wickedly popular and before the movie came out, which makes me feel a little bit special
13) I constantly embarrass myself. I can be extremely oblivious and I'm such a klutz.
14) I don't tan easily
15) I am a great procrastinator
16) I am an indesicive person
17) Sometimes I'm the most carefree mofo in the world, and sometimes all I do is worry worry worry.
18) I will always stand up for people who are bullied
19) Acting is really fun. I love it.
20) I love the scent of vanilla and lavender
21) I LOVE LOVE LOVE animals
22) I used to love Nutella but I don't as much any more because I overdosed on it
23) My birthday is on the 23rd of August
24) I typically don't like popular music, but once in a while there will be a catchy song that I can't help but like
25) I love folk/pop kind of music. Ingrid Michaelson, Jaymay, Regina Spektor, and Lenka are my heroes.
26) I LOVE frozen grapes (goo)
27) I am definitely addicted to painting my nails
28) I really am bad at almost all sports
29) Carly Rae Jepsen is great. Her album Tug Of War is so much better than Call Me Maybe, I wish it was more popular.
30) I wanna be an animal activist or a special educator
31) Everyone says this, but I love music. I feel the most at ease when I'm listening to it. My headphones are my best friend.
32) Writing is really awesome, I love it
34) I skipped 33. Because I can.
35) I have a pretty bad memory. I remember a lot of little things that will never matter, but I forget the most obvious things.
36) I like cookies. Especially oreos.
37) I've always wanted to be a vegan. But I don't think I could.
38) I introduced all of my irl friends to amirite. I am soooo proud.
39) I try to keep an open mind about everything
40) I love drawing, sketching mostly. But I'm not too good.
41) I have mixed feelings about summer vacation.
42) Some people think I'm really shy, but I'm really not. Sometimes I'm quiet, but sometimes if I start talking I can't stop
43) I try not to swear a lot, but ultimately fail. I don't think it's too big of a deal, though.
44) I love rings. I just think they are adorable.
45) (angry): testing on animals makes me want to punch a wall
(allthethings): I don't even know what to say for this one
(cool): I will always stand up for people who are bullied
(creeper): I spend more time on amirite and tumblr than I'd like to admit
(cry2): I get emotional easily. I hate it, but it doesn't take much to get me teary. It can be a bit inconvenient.
(d): I really hate disney, besides Phineas and Ferb, of course.
(dhat): I don't really like candy canes
(diamond): I would make an awesome billionaire
(emo): This emoticon is basically the exact opposite of me.
(foreveralone): I stalk One Direction. oops.
(frown): I don't like most "top 40" music, despite what my one direction stalking says
(goo): Josh Hutcherson. Nuff said.
(gst): I don't nessecarily believe in ghosts, but I definitely believe in some sort of after life
(h): I introduced all of my friends to amirite?
(hehe): I think cheesey pick up line are hilarious even if they don't really work.
(hello): The third letter of my middle name is t. Try to guess it, I dare you.
(hmm): My political views are the exact opposite of yours. I promise.
(jolly): I looooove nature. Being surrounded by trees and just the nature makes me so happy.
(l): 7 is my favorite number because it has the most magical properties.
(lhat): Christmas is my favorite holiday
(lolwut): some times I talk to myself and I don't know why
(love): I love my friends soso much.
(n): when people judge other people
(no): sometimes I'm really lazy but if I set my mind to something, I will do it
(ono): hdoglemi my face when she tells people about her "guys that look like Jesus obsession"
(puke): MItt Romney.
(smile): Sometimes just the sight of certain people can make me happy
(smirk): I've read the Harry Potter series more than 15 times. I stopped counting at 15..
(swt): I never know what to say around guys I like.
(troll): I very rarely troll
(un): This is the exact look on my face when robotgamer and I debate
(wary): I really hate wet grass. the feeling of it on my feet... shudder
(wink): Tacos are my favorite thing to nom on.
(y): Green Party. Definitely.

If you read all of that, message me. Please. Because I love you. (l)

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