About me.

'Sup?, I'm FIEND, I'm 18 but people in real life think im over the age of twenty. a lot of you know me, i come off as an asshole that's trying to piss you off, but i'm not, i actually stand firm by what i say.

The reason why I am the way I am is because of where i grew up, not that you care though.

I come from a place you would hate to live in, in Southern California, where ANYBODY can die and you dont even have to be in a gang to be involved with their bullshit, (just imagine 14-17 year old gangsters running around with guns killing anyone they don't like. Shit sucks.). don't feel sorry for me though, one gets used to it and can even call it home (after a loooong while). im not trying to sound cool to a bunch of people i don't even know or anything, im just telling you to cherish what you have because you dont know how good you have it.

My favorite things to do are unspeakable, like, stuff i can get years in jail for, i don't mean killing or any violent crimes, but still unspeakable. if you're drug free, stay that fucking way, thats the best way i can put it. and don't let any peer pressuring faggots tell you you're lame, they're the lames.

I've never EVER done this before but since PUSH was generous enough to mention me in her profile i feel i should do the same.

PUSH - This girl is the only one to ever understand me and not judge me, the best part is, she's not feeling sorry for me, she actually knows what it's like to live in a fucked up place. she might talk a lot, but it's a good thing, because not one word of it is boring so you can keep a good conversation with her, which is more than i can say for most girls. PUSH, don't ever change girl. she's also very pretty and i bet she smells like flowers haha.

here's her profile, go to it and follow, FUCKING NOW, I SAID!!