Jigglypuff is the most useless character in Super Smash Bros, amirite?

Kirby FTW !!

It seems like all stepdads are either a) complete goofballs or b) absolute douches. There's pretty much no in between, amirite?

you forgot c) molesters

Christians: Sometimes you feel sorry for people who don't believe in God. You don't get mad at them or hate them but you feel really sad that they think God doesn't care about them and you wish they could change their mind, amirite?

LOL, i laugh at people who feel bad for me. Like if they think they are above me or some shit.

Marshmallows can't fly, I can't fly. Therefore I am a marshmallow... amirite?

Holy shit haha, this reminds me of Peters "kerosine is fuel and that red bull is also fuel" logic

When your posts get removed for being repeated, you become a real stickler about it with other people's posts, amirite?

Especially when you made yours first and yours gets called a repeat.


Girls, you have once pushed your boobs up to see what they look like bigger. amirite?

I'm a guy and I voted yes for the fuck of it

The amirite guy is holding a sperm in each hand. amirite?

you must be high

If your username has sexy in it, you probably arent, amirite?

you should have the word sexy in your username, sexy.

Not all republicans are idiots, but all idiots are republican amirite?

Not all democrats are idiots, but all idiots are democrat.

fixed it for you.

Addiction is not in things; it is in a weak mind, amirite?

Except for meth, that shit's addicting.

When scratching an itch you move your fingers, not the area of skin you are scratching (ex. moving your fingers over your leg that itches instead of moving your leg under your fingers), amirite?

Well, this is retarded.

It's interesting how Japan, with people that have smaller eyes, has cartoons with people who have huge eyes, amirite?

I bet the cartoons represent how they wish they would look like.

In a way, Rebecca Black was pretty smart. She believed us and took down her video when we told her she was a talentless wannabe, unlike Miley Cyrus, who seems to be incapable of taking a hint, amirite?

its back up.

and miley cyrus is a sexy beast.

Guys, the only way to describe the way you dress is "So fresh and so clean", amirite?
@You're not FIEND :O

actually, this is me before i finally decided to make a profile

you'd have to be here a long time to know who i am

Do people honestly believe the government is so corrupt that they would lie to us about bin Laden being dead? Don't you think if he wasn't dead, al-Qaida could simply release a video of him saying 'Hey I'm alive'. It's pretty hard for the government to lie about something like this, amirite?
@yeah there's always that possibility that he wants us to let our guard down (which actually the exact opposite will...

this is MONTHS late but i had to say it.

no i dont believe the government hate their people, but i do believe they dont give a fuck about them or their life, you have to realie that to them, we're just another mouth to feed and shelter, much like a big family, and every time someone new is born, it just makes them more stressed and desperate to decrease the population.