You're on a game show where there's a prize behind one of three doors, and you have to guess one. After you guess, the host (who knows where the prize is), opens one of the doors (other than the one you picked) that doesn't contain the prize, after which you may either change your guess or stay with the same door. You're equally likely to win if you change your guess as if you don't, amirite?

This was in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. There's two ways of solving it. One is a really long math problem and the other is making a tree. The tree will show you that, like said before,you have a 2/3 chance of winning by changing.

Whenever you can't find something in your closet, you feel the urge to go "Honey, where's my super suit?", amirite?
@Draco_Malfoy Where?!

Why do you neeed to know?

It would be funny if all the registered users were just 5 of Anthony's friends, with multiple accounts, who, using skillz and hax, are pranking him into believing amirite is a success, amirite?
@AnneSugar Dammit... Did you tell everyone that I'm gay as well?

Well since you're a 21 year old guy and most of your profiles are teenaged girls, I'd say it was obvious.

Its better to drop someone down and then raise them up, than it is to raise them up and then drop them down, amirite?

This is like an episode from House. Foreman records sent him down, then he became a doctor and went up, while Taub had a great education and job, but then got fired and worked for House. And they both didn't want their records to go into a permanent online source.

You don't actually know any cute guys named "Bobby", amirite?

Bobby Mares on youtube
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It seems that everyone has grandparents that live in Florida, amirite?

Sodapop's girlfriend was sent there to live (after getting knocked up cheating on him) it's briefly stated

It's perfectly fine for all of us to have a little-kid side, but being overly obsessive with dinosaurs, dora, legos, pokemon, waldo and teletubbies all the time is just embarrassing, amirite?
You love putting your headphones in and never turning your iPod/mp3 player on, just to listen to what people say about you. amirite?
@sometimesright Are people really stupid enough to talk about you while you are near them?

Well if your in the backseat of a car and they can see you have you headphones in they might try...

it would be cool to for people to comment with just one word to form a story on the comments, amirite?

and@943721 (anon): and

The last Air Bender Movie- When you can't even pronounce the main characters name correctly then there's trouble a brewing, amirite?

I think I heard somewhere that they were trying to pronounce them like they are pronounced in whatever country they were taken from. Then when they did it in English, they pronounced them like English people would pronounce them.

it would be cool to for people to comment with just one word to form a story on the comments, amirite?
I don't want to be your number one, I want to be your only one. amirite?
@It was a coincidence, I've never seen that post before.

Not to sound mean, but you could've used the search...

it would be cool to for people to comment with just one word to form a story on the comments, amirite?
The world would actually benefit from a world-wide dictatorship. Nobody would fight each other because they would be to busy fighting together to over-throw the government. Not one country would think their better than the other because the world would be one big country, amirite?
You plan on buying the song forever day to help nerimon, amirite?