Girls: sometimes, no matter how great the guy is, you wont consider him because he's short and if you got married you wouldn't be able to wear heels at your wedding. amirite?

Okay, I'm mixed. I"m completely fine by going heal-less, but leaning down to kiss-for, hopefully, the rest of my life-kinda isn't as swooning as tilting up a little. I don't care If I don't go on my toes to kiss or if our hands don't perfectly meet while we dance like in the movies, I just want to tilt up a little when I kiss.

When a woman wears one its called a tank. When a man wears one its called a wife - beater. Why exactly are sleeveless shirts associated with violence ? amirite?
You feel somehow more important when you watch a video on youtube that has 3 million views then if you were watching one with 3 thousand, amirite?
Airlines have banned passengers from taking tweezers on board... Anybody who can hijack a plane using a set of tweezers deserves the fricking plane, amirite?
@brunetterox915 youd give them a high five for hijacking a plane?

With a pair of tweezers, they definitively deserve a high-five!

You know God is not a girl, because we're not all sandwiches. Amirite?

This literally made my jaw drop

Unwritten Amirite rule: If you favorite one of your posts or love one of your comments to get an achievement, you deserve a firm kick in the groin, amirite?
@CapedCrusader Wait, did I just make this a written rule?

Well technically it's typed not written. Just make sure no one ever puts this on a piece of paper.

Talent: Now measured in bra sizes! amirite?

Is this an anime/manga/sailor moon reference?
If so, silly Sailor Jupiter.
If not, yeah... we anime/manga/sailor moon nerds already know this.

A relationship with your significant other's sibling(s) can be just as important as your relationship with your significant other, amirite?

I'd say the relationship is important, but not AS important. If your significant other was held by one masked murderer by gun point and a sibling of theirs in another, if it comes to love/stronger feeling/relationship, you'd better pick your significant other.

There's at least one celebrity you'd have sex with no matter how you are, what situation you are in or whatever moment it is. amirite?
@Askutch The sad part is, if this post had said something, it wouldn't be this popular.

I don't really think it's sad... I think it's funny. We're slightly mocking a mess up by creating some really bizarre suggestions for what it could be.

There should be a spinoff show from Horton Hears a Who, just for Katie. amirite?
As a kid, you didn't even notice races and thought your friends just had different tans, amirite?
@Oh no, the childhood is the only time in which you can even ignore all of these beliefs forced onto us, if you...

I know it sounds horrible. I just posted it because I did notice that he was different from me when I was little.

Guys: Your period comes at the most inconvenient times and you get the worst cramps ever, amirite?

My cousins and I actually convinced my 12 year old cousin that men do get their periods. We told him it was really weird he didn't get his yet and that the boys were going to go manpon shopping with him. Too bad he had to have co-ed health. :(

you hate it when your bestfriends rat turns out to be the guy that betrayed your parents, amirite?
@RunThePacific yes, but as a dedicated harry potter fan i must stay angry. its nothing personal, though.

yeah, I know. My sister read all the books and wouldn't let me touch a HP snowglobe since I might break it.

Guys: When you're peeing you always aim for the skid marks to try and wash 'em off, amirite?
@ThatDylanGuy Oh sorry, I didn't realize you liked those brown streaks of shit on your toilet.

Well it'd be easier to wipe crap than pee when you sit. With pee it will always bleed through the toilet paper. With crap, you need like two layers.