If you were playing Rock, Paper, Scissors with Hitler, you'd always win because he's always going to choose paper, amirite?
@rebekah :D

I didn't get it. Then I saw the photo and laughed :D

I no... speak English. No English!

The phrase "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" didn't really work out for Snow White, amirite?

You have to admit - the doctor never showed.

I understand how the Bible condems gay couples. Now good people, answer this: My wife is cheating on me, and I want to stone her (as the Bible tells me to), but the government will get mad at me if I do. I should ignore the government, amirite?

I'd say re-read the Bible. And all of it, not just those few bits out of context someone told you so you could turn it into a 'joke'.

Humans are not getting smarter no matter what scientists say, yeah sure we have technology so advance we can signal someone across the globe in a mere second but our common sense is flawed. Primitive man would run from a fire knowing theres danger but nowadays when someone sees a fire they rush towards it and watch it even though theres nothing they can do without their fire hose(technology) a... amirite?
@Agreed. We might have advanced technology right now, but it's those individuals that create the technology who are...

I agree with you there - actually, there are theories that soon we'll fall into another 'Dark Ages' of sorts. Society has a history of ages of great discovery, then collapsing. In the medieval period, people forgot how to make crossbows. Now it will be things like cars, aeroplanes, phones, electricity. Of course, there are also theories that indicate that if we forget those things, it'll be the second time, as supposedly the Greeks at one time discovered how to make a car.

Sometimes stating random facts can be philosophical. (i.e. "I'm trapped in a room with no windows"..."Whoa, that's sooo deep", amirite?

Except if I can actually said that to someone, I'd kind of get annoyed that they weren't helping me find a way out.

It's really annoying when people try to scare you without realizing it. "You see those ridges over there on your house? Do you realize how easy it would be for an axe murderer to sneak up there into your room at night?" No, I didn't know that. Thanks for telling me! amirite?

Don't worry, he'd have to drag that axe up there, so you'd here the thump-thump of his axe hitting the roof... or you could just be hearing the tree...

Some people are "offended" by Family Guy, but the show is really just telling it like it is, amirite?

Tell it how it is? The dog talks!

It would suck to be the one in the picture where a group jumps together, and you jump too soon so it looks like you have no ups whatsoever, amirite?

Or to jump too late, and look constipated, because your legs haven't left the ground but your body's bent forward.

Oh, I'm sorry, I thought we were having a state-the-obvious contest. I'm competitive by nature. amirite?

I'm so glad someone else mentioned Calvin and Hobbes before me. They definitely come before Cyanide and Happiness, if only because they can use long words and don't need to revert to sex to make a joke funny.